When Crisis Hits

Stay in control in the midst of Crisis.

When crisis hits you are taken off guard, your first reaction is to panic… second is to worry.

There are many emotions that if left unattended can snowball into a whirlwind of confusion, frustration, and fear.

Negative thoughts are followed by negative emotions and reactions.

To gain control in a crisis is challenging to say the least but calming your mind and focusing those thoughts in another direction temporarily will allow you to bring back logical thought to make sensible decisions.

Sometimes individuals tend to become withdrawn and keep their feelings buried inside. Placing yourself in a solitary state only has negative effects, both on your physical health and your mental health.

Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalm 55:22

Remember others who are close to you.

when crisis hits talk to loved ones

  • Spouse-

    When crisis hits your communication with your spouse is imperative. Your spouse is your rock that you can lean on, the person that provides support, shares your happiness and takes part in your sadness or struggles. Share times alone where you can talk and express your emotions.
  • Family and Friends-

    Use your resources when crisis hits. Your family and friends, other than your spouse if you have one, know your personality, your past experiences and your strengths in addition to the extent of the situation that you are facing.

    when crisis hits talk to your family and friends
    If you take the initiative to create strong family bonds, this helps families make it through any difficult social or economic time with a positive outlook.

    This makes their support and suggestions worth taking into consideration. Even if you chose not to utilize any advice, just by having a sounding board to bounce off of will allow you to relieve some tension and possibly channel your thoughts in some new directions.

  • Professional help-

    For a totally unbiased observation and recommendation there are two avenues you can travel. When your crisis is of a personal nature or you just need someone to listen without the fear of being judged, the help of a professional counselor permits you to talk out the emotions you are feeling and be able to help lead you to some form of resolve.

    If on the other hand you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with your emotions or your surroundings you may want to seek help from your regular health provider so that an assessment can be made to determine if any medications can temporarily offer you some relief while you advance through this crisis period.

  • Meditation-

    When Crisis Hits learn to meditate If you have knowledge of meditation or yoga practices these both offer substantial benefits to quiet your mind, still your thoughts and relax your body.

    There are many CD’s and books available that go into detail of each technique and offer personal meditations and illustrations to assist with your concentration.
  • Hobby -

    Yes, hobbies are very important when crisis hits. One of the best ways to offer our minds relief from overload is by keeping ourselves busy.

    Your choice should be something that elicits deep concentration and consumes a block of time, preferably a couple of hours at each interval hence, a hobby.

    If you currently don’t have a hobby then maybe now is a good time to think of one. This not only will help you through crisis but will offer ongoing relief with your normal every day stress. Whatever your choice is be sure you take action to conquer your emotions and return to a balanced well-being with a healthy mind and body.

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