Visualization Relaxation

Place your past pain in the past where it belongs.
Visualization relaxation is another word for imagery or guided imagery.

These techniques all work with the same concept of connecting your visions to your emotions. If I were to ask you how many chairs you have in your home you would look through your minds eye using visualization to scan each room counting the chairs, as you scan each room your are seeing more than the chairs you are looking at the room.

Visualization Relaxation

By using visualization relaxation and connecting it with their emotions individuals are able to heal from harmful past experiences. If they are ill, they are able to seek relief by escaping to a pleasant, peaceful, and happy setting or if they live with overwhelming fears they can, with baby steps, learn to overcome these fears.

Today many hospitals have some form of visualization relaxation to help patients recover from serious illnesses or injuries.

The visualization relaxation below would allow someone who could not recover from childhood mental-abuse to find relief in this exercise, after using it many times there will come a time that those hurtful memories will be accepted and placed in the past where they belong.

For this visualization relaxation, I liked the name ‘The child within’, because that’s who we will be visiting on this mental escape from reality.

The Child Within

Sit or lay in a relaxed position.
Close your eyes and focus on your deep-breathing technique.
Feel each part of your body as it relaxes and grows heavy.
Take your time until you feel relaxed.
Now focus on the darkness behind your eyelids but keep your eyes relaxed.

Keep breathing, slowly and deeply, while maintaining a relaxed state of body and mind.

visualization relaxation in the garden Into this darkness slowly visualize a garden coming to life. Notice the colors surrounding you. You see bright green leafy trees and flowers of every color scattered throughout the nearby tall grass.

There is a path of stones leading the way in front of you and you follow the path.

As you continue to leisurely follow the path, you watch the grass and the trees as they sway with the soft, gentle breeze.

It’s quiet, but you hear birds chirping in the distance.

Walk slowly and take in the beauty around you.

You look ahead and see a unique black iron door with ivy cascading over its entranceway.

You are focused only on the door as you approach.

You open the door to the sight of a bright light and a staircase made of brilliant white gold.

visualization relaxation the child within

You begin to climb the stairs and at the first level you notice a bag.

On this bag is the word “worries,” so you take all your worries and you place them into the bag.

You don’t hold back any of them—there is no need for them here.

You continue to the next level and you see a bag marked “fears,” so you take all your fears and you place them into the bag. You are feeling so much lighter now, so relaxed.

You continue on your journey and on the next level you see a bag marked “doubts and insecurities,” so you take all your doubts and insecurities and you place them into the bag.

Life feels so uncomplicated now that the bags are full, and you feel weightless.

As you are standing there on this landing you hear the whimpering of a small voice.

As you resume walking up the steps the whimpering becomes more distinct.

You take the last few steps and turn on the landing to see a small body huddled in the corner and a small face with tears streaming down.

As you kneel down and inquire as to why the child is unhappy, you look into the child’s eyes, and at that moment you understand that you are the child that you are reaching out to comfort.

You sit and listen as the child shares their sadness, you comfort and offer your assurance that everything will turn out just fine; there is no longer a need to worry or suffer.

visualization relaxation healing within The child feels safe with you and can let go of the fear and unhappiness to go with you now and become one.

You take the child’s hand and walk to the next level, where you meet a young adult who is standing on the landing looking so lost, lonely, and sad.

Again you realize that this is another extension of you.

You sit down and begin to talk.

They tell you of their heartache, their wishes, and their dreams.

You are understanding and soothe their troubled heart and explain to them that anything they have done in their life and anything they have experienced is not important now—everything is all right.

You know that any decision they made or any decisions made by those around them were made based on their knowledge, strengths, and fears at that stage of their life.

Things might have been different if the circumstances had been different, but you assure them that everything worked out fine.

You share with them that when they grow, there will always be many paths to choose from, but you do the best you can at that time and then you move forward.

You promise that they will see happier days and there will come a day when they will be triumphant, proud, and strong.

They smile and as you see them smile you feel peace blossom in your heart.

Stay and visit as long as you like, and when its time to leave, return through the garden and slowly come back to the place you are resting.

I used to stay and visit for quite some time about the pains that I had not overcome and when I came back through the garden each time I felt a little lighter and a little more content with my life. Eventually after several trips dealing with different issues each time, I became forgiving of those in my past and let my past return to where it belonged.

You can't go forward with fear and hurt in your heart and be happy. It’s time to let go and enjoy the time you have left in this world and collect all of the happiness that escaped you over the years.

Visualizations, imagery and guided imagery can help to transport you to a time and place where you can confront and understand why you are holding negative emotions and with the application of many stress management techniques such as altering your perception and positive thinking you can learn to accept these emotions leave them in the past and move forward to a brighter and happier future.

It is best to practice breathing techniques to help relax and have positive results with your visualization relaxation. It may also be helpful to learn some basics of meditation. These are not complicated to learn and are very helpful in attaining positive results to the visualization relaxation techniques.

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