True Meaning of Success

What do you base your true meaning of success on? You could base this on many different factors but if you had to rate yourself on a scale of below average – average – or above average which would you pick?

Do you have a lucrative career, do you own a house, have a lot of assets, do you travel, have an abundance of friends or a nice car? Some individuals may not know who or what to compare in an attempt to judge their accomplishments. You could compare yourself to your neighbors, friends, boss, television personalities or such but would this give you the proof you need to base your true meaning of success on?

true menaing of success

The reason that I bring this to thought is that so many times I meet individuals that measure their success in wealth and popularity. If you compare yourself to someone who has more than you do, you would rate yourself lower on the scale but if you rated yourself compared to someone that you knew that had nothing, you would rate yourself higher on the scale. When you measure your success by wealth and popularity you will undoubtedly be an unhappy or discontent person. You will feel as though you can never gain enough to make you happy.

You may find yourself to be an impatient person who wants to have everything that you feel will give you that true meaning of success and you want it all now. Chances are that you push to hard. By doing this you are unintentionally pushing your needs, others, and your loved ones to the back burner and your thoughts are always focused feverishly on reaching a certain goal.

true meaning of success

Living in this environment will cause you unhappiness. You are creating a negative environment since you are always focused on what you don’t have rather than what you do have. You will become miserable because day after day you do not have what you want. This will magnify the negativity in your life and eventually you will be paddling against a strong current going absolutely nowhere.

The Secret is Within You

true meaning of success

The way you measure your true meaning of success is through your heart. You need to be proud about your achievements and you need to feel confident of the skills and the principles you applied that got you there. You will achieve more through the use of your heart and your mind than through sweat and double or triple hours of labor, so slow down and come back to earth. It is imperative that you become an individual with the mastered skills of positive thinking. This is a skill that once molded to your personality will catapult you to succeed in all areas of your life.

When you are working on positive thinking skills you will find and feel the calm in your heart and you will begin to feel spurts of peace fall over you when you least expect it. Then one day…when you have mastered the skill, you will know it, you can feel the difference, and you will be thankful you took the time to discover the power of positive thinking.

You can’t jump steps you must start at the beginning. First things first, your focus needs to be on your happiness. You need to take time to relax and absorb the nature around you even if it is simply noticing how white and fluffy the clouds are today or how the tree branches move with bursts of wind that pass through them. Next focus on making some memories with family and friends and at dusk, look out the window, take deep relaxing breaths and focus on feeling the calm within yourself. Relaxation will show you and mold you into the true meaning of success.

In placing yourself first you can imagine the change in your attitude at work. Now you have time to focus on others. Even if you are to busy to stop and converse with a co-worker, just give a wave and a quick Hi, if the opportunity arises offer to lend a hand to someone else. Keep yourself relaxed during the day by taking deep breaths, take the time to think before you react, think of the positive in the situation not the negative. If you enjoy your job show it, smile when you speak to others. You’re positive attitude will draw attention in your direction and if you are pursuing goals in this area, you may be considered for a move up the ladder.

Bottom line – if you live day to day with negative thoughts eventually your sour attitude will crush all of your hopes and dreams and take you down with it. Always base your rating of yourself above average in being successful. You can’t fail when you live with the secret of success. Positive thinking first.


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