Stress and Thought Control

Our minds are very powerful. Thought control techniques are a process and a skill that can be developed which allows you to alter your perception of a particular situation at any given moment.

We have the ability, just by implanting a certain thought in our mind, to feel the emotions that are associated with that thought. Once you understand the process you can train your mind to respond in a controlled manner of your choice, depending on what seed you plant.

Follow this exercise to recognize and identify the difference between a thought and an emotion. Once you recognize the two as separate entities you will be able to manipulate your thoughts and disconnect yourself from any negative response.

It is a matter of rotating your thoughts, moving them from one visualization to another. When you shift visualizations, take the time to note your emotional response to your thought before you move on to the next thought. You will achieve best results if you associate your thoughts with actual experiences from your past that generated these feelings.

thought control electric static

Stress and thought
control exercise

  • Think a calming thought, perhaps of a time that you were very relaxed and at peace with yourself. Maybe when you were lying on the beach or camping out in nature.
  • Take the time to visualize your thought and note your emotional response that is attached to the visualization.

  • Think of a time when someone, maybe a parent or a friend, was very angry with you and said some hurtful things.
  • Think of a loving time, maybe a walk hand in hand with someone you love.
  • Think of a time when someone made you feel extraordinarily important, perhaps when you won an award or got a promotion.
  • Think of a time and how it made you feel when someone degraded you, maybe by saying to you, “You’re so stupid.” Or maybe a time when some kids picked on you and called you names when you were young.
  • Lastly, think of a time when you laughed so hard that your side ached and you thought you were going to cry.

You should have noticed that by planting a different seed in your mind, and taking the time to relate to that thought, you had an emotional reaction that immediately attached itself to that memory. We can learn to use our minds this way to help us with our everyday challenges. You can control your thoughts with practice.

Pick a couple of very calming memories and/or happy memories of your past and embed them in your mind for easy retrieval if you should need to call on them.

If it is better for you to keep a constant reminder at your fingertips place a marble in your pocket, a picture on your desk or some similar idea to alert you of the need to keep your focus on these calming thoughts when necessary.

Learn to use this technique when someone triggers your stress response. When you begin to experience your breathing quicken and your blood pressure rise, bring back to mind one of these memories. Use your breathing techniques and your thought control techniques to regain your power over your situation.

Learn to Boost your Concentration

Will power works through your unconscious mind so it is important to work at Increasing Your Will Power

Understand that any disturbing or frustrating moment in time is not your whole life but a mere fragment of a day. Becoming stressed is not going to resolve any issue. Maintain your calming thoughts and know that the significance of this stressful minute is not important in relation to the rest of your life.

Try Kim’s milestone mapping. You are the creator of your own reality. With Milestone Mapping you are not pre-determining your path. You are allowing God/Universe/Source to choose the best opportunities for you to interact with universal laws.

thought control training your mind

Using today’s technology you can easily, quickly, and conveniently conquer your issues by choosing from hundreds of professional downloads from leading hypnotherapy educators by accessing the following self hypnosis library and acquiring exactly what you need.

Hypnosis gives you the availability to chose and focus on one given behavior you would like to change at a time.

Take a moment and glance at the list to see all of the options. You can use this on CD at work, while you're driving, or while meditating. The hypnosis CD will only focus on this one topic until you have a firm handle on this change, then you can pursue another behavior you would like to change or gain strength in. This is meant to be used as a constant reinforcement of thoughts until you naturally apply these changes without having to think about it.

Practice applying your thought controls to focus on the positive in any given situation rather than the negative. Negative thoughts are a product of fear for an outcome that you don't feel will be in your favor. In conquering the fear you will have conquered half of the battle that negative effects of stress and emotions can inflict in your life.

thought control training your mind

When you’re stressed your body is slowly killing itself. The constant bombardment of chronic stress takes its toll on your body. Your body starts to wear out at an accelerated rate, which makes you more likely to get disease and causes you to age prematurely. If you ignore stress it won’t go away. If you allow stress to continue it can literally kill you.
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