The meaning of Life

Are you one of the millions that question your existence in search of the meaning of Life?

I was for quite some time. This is a stressful event that can throw you into a downward spiral sending you deeper and deeper into depressive state of mind. I would constantly question why I was here on this earth. “What was I suppose to be doing?”

Every time I felt as though I was finding my way, when I thought I was on the right path, an explosion would hit and I’d find that the path in front of me had been blocked and unsurpassable.

It was during these times that I would fall into my deepest depressions with the gnawing wonder, “Why am I here?” What am I suppose to be doing?” “Why can’t I find peace and happiness?”

The meaning of Life what is it all about

It’s painful to keep getting mentally beat up when you are trying to find the meaning of Life and just when you think it is within your grasp – everything changes and your back to square one wondering what to do and where to go from here.

While I was observing and gathering knowledge from others, one day years ago, I stumbled (or so I thought) on the answer I was so grateful to have found.

Of course, I discovered it had been in front of me all the time but sometimes you can’t see those things - maybe you don’t want to believe it was that easy, maybe you never opened your eyes to look down that path, whatever your reason may have been I want you to stop fighting this battle and I’m sure you do also.

Stop a moment and think … what are your joys you have gathered in life … what experiences have you had … what do you love to do more than anything else…what are your passions?

It is finding your passion and living your dreams how ever large or small they are that is the meaning of your life. Once you start living your passion you will view life with contentment and happiness knowing all is right in the world.

The meaning of Life Trust in God will help me find the way

I have a sign on my wall to remind me that I need to keep on those paths, It says, “May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”

That may sound easy but how you interpret that holds the knowledge and wisdom you need to believe…

While on your journey to discovering your true passion in life you may want to take advantage of this eye opening magazine: Inspiration Line Meaningful Life Magazine


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