Do you have any negative qualities, habits, or beliefs that you possess that are limiting you and your potential? Are you shy, indecisive, lack confidence, have a low self-esteem, or have a hard time communicating with others?

This book will guide you through determining your stress levels as you discover where your stress levels originate from and learn to release these stressors. In the final chapter you will join in an adventure in nature and place all of your worries – concerns – doubts – fears and insecurities into a stream and watch as they drift out of sight.

You will be able to retreat through your imagination to any number of destinations as you put to use your Guided Imagery abilities. You will become skilled at each step of guided Imagery so that with any recording that you use you will be able to simply relax and follow the instructions to where it leads. Mindful Meditation, Proper Breathing Techniques, Progressive Relaxation and then Applying Visualizations of Guided Imagery.

Some of the positives of Imagery that are experienced are:

** Transforming Stress and Fatigue into Serenity and Relaxation

** Rejuvenating your mind and your body

** Accelerating Healing and Recovery

** Attracting energy and using it to create a positive energy in your life

** Gaining perspective of your feelings

** Awakening your creativity and intuition

** Tapping into your inner strength

** Improving your self esteem

** Unwinding stressful feelings while relaxing and changing your state of mind.

** Growing confidence in your own abilities

** Feeling the tranquility of inner peace

** Maintaining balance in your life through thought and relaxation

** Changing your perception and breaking free from negative thinking

** Dealing with, accepting and discarding past negative events.

Category - Meditation Guided Imagery

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