Symptoms of Stress

Everyone responds to and has different symptoms of stress.
Stress comes in many packages and has
multiple effects on the body and mind.

Sometimes indicators of stress can easily be seen by observing someone’s behavior but other times, and more dangerous, is when stress causes difficulties with our health and immune systems.

Stress slowly attacks our physical being first as just an annoyance but then silently develops into a full blown illness.

If your body is constantly responding to a high degree of stress, you may be more vulnerable to life-threatening health problems.

Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that the demands placed on them, which are the stressors, exceeds their personal capability to reach a successful outcome.

symptoms of stress

Loss of control in any situation can project the feelings of fear and this fear will escalate to stress.

It is your thoughts and perceptions along with your expectations that will determine the level, if any, of stress that you will experience.

When stress levels begin to escalate hormones are released from the hypothalamus in the brain which starts a domino effect throughout the endocrine system triggering hormone releases from the pineal gland, pituitary glad, thyroid gland, thymus gland and adrenal gland to name a few.

When this happens you will start to see physical symptoms appear.

The following list contains both physical and mental symptoms of stress, along with some behavioral traits, that may indicate stress.

It is crucial that you consult your health care provider and share your list of symptoms to ensure you are not suffering from a more serious condition.

    Physical and Mental Symptoms Includes:

    avoids risks
    become controlling
    chest pain
    concern of losing control
    continuous mood shifts
    decreased productivity
    extreme distress
    feel insecure
    feelings of hopelessness
    feelings of inadequacy
    have irrational thoughts
    high blood pressure
    high cholesterol
    increased perspiration
    isolation of self
    jaw clenching
    job burnout
    judgmental, critical
    lack drive
    lack interest in any hobbies
    lack of compassion
    loss in sexual drive
    low aspirations
    low self esteem
    lowered immunity nail biting
    over react to events
    panic attacks
    poor time management
    pounding heart
    rash - hives
    shortness of breath
    stomach cramping
    substance abuse
    suicidal thoughts
    swallowing difficulty
    teeth grinding
    unable to concentrate

Behavioral Traits

symptoms of stresss depression on beach Health and your body's reaction to the symptoms of stress may include some of the more serious and potentially devastating consequences. These are related to your heart

When experiencing high levels of stress, your body increases the blood clotting in your system, and many times if prolonged, you may develop ongoing problems with high blood pressure. This will increase your risk of heart attack. In addition to this, your cholesterol and triglycerides levels may increase, which over the long term can result in heart disease or stroke. There are many relaxation techniques as well as breathing techniques that can assist you in gaining control in these areas of your life.

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Many illnesses have been found to be stress related. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms above, then chances are good that you have a great deal of stress in your everyday life.

Depending on how these symptoms of stress present themselves in your life, they can turn into full-blown illnesses without your knowledge.

Don't ever assume that any symptom of stress is strictly related to stress. Failure to be familiar with the roles that stress may play in the interaction between health and disease can lead to inappropriate medical care. Present you suspicions to your health care provider and let them give you their expert assessment.

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