Stress Weight Gain

One of the most problematic issues associated with nutrition is stress weight gain.

To gain controls you must first recognize and acknowledge your eating habits and patterns.

What causes you to reach for that food and what is it that you are reaching for?

Are you a fighter or is stress getting the better of you?

The answers to these two questions will start you on the path to understanding what changes you need to focus on.

Stress and frustration cause the strongest to toss good intentions out the window. The problem with this is - as we gain weight from our comfort food we stress out more!!

But... if you control your temptations you not only save yourself the added stress but you gain more strength, confidence and power because you feel good about yourself.

So fasten your seat belts, honker down, get stubborn and stand up to the temptations of that stressful comfort food. Don't look forward to lunch just to get you through the day, refocus your energies on making yourself feel better and let your stress take a hike.

  • Reducing fat content - Please understand when you are dealing with any weight issue as well as stress weight gain you need to become aware of the foods that you choose and the amount of fat content that they contain.

    Look to the labels prior to purchasing them to see the calorie count per serving size. Steer away from items that contain more than one third of their calorie count in fat calories. Follow the
    example below when making your food choices.

  • Counting Fat from Grams to Calories

    Stress Weight Gain Balance your intake Take the amount of fat grams listed on the label and multiply that number by 9. This should equal no more than one third, or 33 percent, of the total calories per serving number.

    Example: Total calories for a serving size of rice snack cakes (9 cakes) are 70, while the total fat grams are 2.5 per serving then (2.5 x 9 = 23).

    The total fat calories in 9 cakes are 23, which mean that 23 calories should be less than one third of the total calories, 70. The easiest way would be to take 23 x 3; you don’t want that amount to go over 70. It equals 69 and therefore is a good snack item.

    Remember, you can’t have a bag of forty-five cakes, which would then equal the amount of 350 calories. That would be considered a meal.

  • Controlling portions - If portions seem to be your downfall and you are trying to reduce the amount of calories that you intake, you can use the quick measuring tool of eyesight. Your protein should be the size of your fist or fit lying in the palm of your hand, whereas vegetables can take up a third of your plate. Then add a side salad with low fat or an olive oil based dressing.

    Most importantly, don’t reach for seconds.

    Evening time is where stress weight gain ends its day with a bang!

    You may decide that you deserve all of this food and relaxation after the day of stress you have had to contend with. Beware; this is when you should be concentrating on eating your light meal, since you will be less
    likely to work it off prior to going to bed.

    If you are looking to lighten your calorie intake during the day then selecting soup for lunch with a couple of crackers could be one of your options. Eating a heavy lunch filled with pasta may give you a spurt of energy, but it will make you tired later, which will add to the stress of your day’s activities. Be sure to remember to keep healthy in mind when picking up something ready to eat or using a delivery service.

  • stress weight gain drink your water

  • Drinking Fluids - Water is an essential part of our body. Water will flush toxins from your body as well as replenish your fluids when you are dehydrated.

    Don’t drink water only when you feel thirsty. Our bodies crave liquids, and we often misinterpret our body’s signal that we are thirsty as hunger. In the battle of stress weight gain this is one of the
    easiest ways to satisfy some of your
    cravings and needs to occupy your hands
    with activity.

    If you eliminate the need your body has for fluids, you may automatically find yourself eating less.

  • Flavor foods - Use seasonings to flavor your foods. Stress weight gain is fueled by those high fat foods that you trained your mind by repetition to crave.

    Start by preparing more healthy meals that are easy and convenient on the week days which are usually busy days. Then on the week-ends you can have a little more time to play in the kitchen and you can experiment with combinations of foods and spices.

    What’s even more entertaining, with stress reducing benefits, is getting your partner involved, sharing ideas and helping with preparation.

    Stress Weight Gain use spices to flavor Also, remember if you need to drastically change your eating habits and also suffer from a health condition you may want to first speak to your medical practitioner or a registered dietitian for any particular guidelines that may pertain to your specific condition. These professionals can be of great assistance when dealing with particular illnesses and dietary needs. Whether you go it alone or with the assistance of a dietician, make small adjustments and commitments to eliminate high-fat unhealthy foods from your diet over a period of time.

    Commit to one change and then add another selection after you have conquered the first. Make changes you know you will stick with.

    I hope these tips on stress weight gain are helpful to you and provide some great starter ideas for proper nutritional habits that help you feel more healthy and in control.


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