Stress Vitamins

There are supplements in the vitamin isle that claim to be a stress vitamins designed to reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. They may be called, Stress tabs, Stress less, Stress relief or something similar to this.

The manufacturer focuses on increased dosages of vitamins that play a part in the body’s nervous system and stimulation of the adrenal gland functions, while promoting the reproduction of the hormone cortisone as well as other hormones that help your body cope with stress.

Stress vitamins you never know what's inside

You Never Know What Could be Inside or how It could affect your System

Is taking a stress tab the answer or is it more complicated than that? Just as you thought, it is more complicated than that. Your health physician may be able to identify particular vitamin deficiencies that you feel you may be lacking in through a series of tests based on the verbal information that you supply as related to any problematic symptoms you are having.

In reviewing the contents of these vitamins in comparison to a regular multivitamin you will notice that the vitamin designed to fight stress contains way higher dosages of vitamin C and contains 6 out of 7 vitamin B supplements with substantial increase in dosages over the daily value.

The dosages they prescribe although not in the toxic range for high dosages still may play havoc with your system when you unknowingly continue to take a multivitamin in unison with any form of stress tablet. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Play it Safe.

As with any other over the counter pill that you feel you need to use over an extended period of time, check with a professional. This will ensure that your good intentions don’t create problems rather than resolutions.


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