Stress versus Nutrition

Stress versus nutrition can equal bad nutritional habits. These can trigger a chain reaction that will deteriorate your health as well as amplify your stress.

If your stress is causing bad eating habits then you will fall into one of two categories: you are over indulging by eating high-fat, high-calorie foods, or you are finding that you just can’t eat at all, meaning your body is getting improper nutrition.

If you are over indulging then as your weight increases so will your stress. If you are not eating you will fall ill and this will trigger an increase in your stress level. Either path is harmful and self-destructive.

Stress versus nutrition is not the only challenge. People who are Chocoholics or have a Caffeine Addiction find these harder to overcome wihtout an additioanl boost of help.

Eating and sleeping are two of our bodies natural support systems used to rejuvenate our energy and keep us healthy. Stress versus nutrition is a compromising function which if not understood or controlled can lead to further health issues.

Stress versus nutrition watching TV and eating

Without sleeping or eating our systems would falter and we would fall ill but we tend to eat for more reasons than to just sustain life. We eat when we are stressed, bored, depressed, lonely, or just have a case of low self esteem, among other reasons.

stress versus nutrition eat eat and eat
Food can become a comforting blanket wrapped around us to cover many underlying issues that need resolution.

Too many high fat foods will slow our bodies down rather than energize them.

Weight gain could escalate to obesity when no corrective actions are taken to control the stress.

You may want to learn more by reading the why can't I stop eating book or Overcoming Binge Eating these books provide all the information needed to understand the strong desires we have towards food and methods to bring the problem under control.

This segment of stress versus nutrition attempts to guide you to correcting some of bad eating habits in your life and replacing them with proper nutritional habits that will help you control your appetite.

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Keep in mind that if you currently suffer from any health condition, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it may be advantageous to spend some additional time on research so you can avoid any foods that may not be beneficial for that particular condition.

Perception plays a dramatic role in this topic. When we watch television we are flooded with images of perfection. Women receive the impression that they need to be thin to be pretty. Men are projected to be more attractive with bulging muscles and six pack abs.

Our culture places such a high importance on physical attraction that most of us have expectations that we will never be able to live up to concerning our physical appearance. Losing weight is one thing seeing absolute perfection in the mirror is another.

What we fail to think of is that we are looking at actors and actresses that are fighting to maintain a certain “correct” image. They earn large sums of money and can spend a large amount of their time in the gym. They hire nutritionists and personal trainers to help them stay on track and motivated.

stress versus nutrition plastic surgery

If this doesn’t work for them, they have the income to seek help from the medical field, with plastic surgeons who will perform liposuctions, facelifts, tummy tucks, nose jobs, or a number of other cosmetic alterations. Before they go on screen, professionals who do their makeup cover any imperfections they may have to make them appear flawless.

What would this have to do with stress versus nutrition?

Plenty, if it is this type of look you are striving for, you are doing so in vain. This is a distortion of perfection, not reality. To try to compete with this sort of image is ludicrous. Nutrition and dieting is a balance that creates a healthy body and a healthy heart.

You may want to set your goals for perfection high enough to keep you motivated, but believing you will actually attain perfectionism is setting yourself up for failure. This is a sure way of continuing an unhealthy cycle of starvation and binge eating.

It’s hard to control the hunger when you never seem to feel full but with plenty of low fat cooking tips this is certainly not impossible. Reducing fat content and controlling portions along with physical fitness are the keys to losing weight.

There are other options to assist you to keep your motivation high such as self hypnosis. This doesn’t consist of visits to a hypnotherapist it consists of listening to a CD that when listened to often will keep you on track until you can reach your goals then keep you there. Now that you have a basic understanding of the downfalls of stress versus nutrition let’s focus on what needs to be done to get you on a path of proper nutritional habits click here to continue.

Always keep in the forefront of your mind that life is about choices and the choices you make today will most certainly dictate the paths you will follow tomorrow.


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