Stress Relief Workout

The treadmill is a great form of stress relief workout. Treadmills have come a long way and they are one of the best work-out inventions for many health and fitness reasons:

  • No need to worry about bad weather limiting you or getting caught in the rain
  • Set the speed of your walk and this keeps you on track - like cruise control
  • You can walk on flat land or rolling hills or vary your pattern within the work-out
  • If you eat that extra 100 calories at lunch you can a count of calories that you burn as you walk
  • Your job requires you to maintain fitness such as running 3 miles you can track your distance
  • No sitter needed for the children and you can even take advantage of nap time
  • Heart problems but still want to stay fit; they keep a reading on your pulse and heart rate
  • No worries of becoming a traffic accident or mugging statistic
  • The ability to place your focus on Music or Television to occupy the mind
  • You will reduce the impact to your joints by using a cushioned deck

  • What do others have to say about the treadmill
    being a great stress relief workout?

    Sometimes I feel like a superhero, I can turn on the dishwasher and clothes washer and get so much more than just a work-out completed at one time. –Morgan

    A walk or run on the treadmill doesn’t tire you out, it actually gives you more energy to get more tasks accomplished.-Kevin

    My favorite television show slips by before I know it and I’ve already walked my 30 minutes of time away without feeling like I’m punishing myself. –Jamie

    I can wear little clothing, be comfortable and keep a fan on me to stay cool without having to worry about how I look.-Margaret

    It’s not considered ‘work out’ time when I’m enjoying my music and my mind is relaxing – I consider it ‘Me’ time.- Sophia

    I use a hands free adapter to my cell phone and catch up on calls to my friends and family.-Annette

    My treadmill is a fantastic stress relief workout at home, it beats spending 30 minutes to drive to the gym and 30 minutes back – I can spend more time at home doing the things I love to do..-David

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