Stress Reduction Techniques

Laughter, meditation and music may be three of the strongest stress reduction techniques you will find to create a balance in your day-to-day activities.
These techniques in addition to your stress breathing techniques will help reduce the symptoms of stress that you experience on a regular basis.

Laughter - Comedians are a great antidote to use for stress reduction techniques. They have an enormous gift that they offer to mankind, the gift to produce laughter.

Visiting a comedy club on the weekend is a great night out. It not only helps in stress reduction, but it lets you regain your perspective on life after a hard week of following your daily routine.

Laughter releases morphine-like endorphins, which are secreted by the pituitary gland. This substance is a stress reducing hormone that controls pain and pleasure. A good laugh actually counteracts stress and its effects on your health.

If you take breaks during the day, having around a comical book to read or CD to listen to is helpful as a method of stress reduction.

Meditation - If you do not already have a private area created for solitude then this would be your first priority. Once you have a secluded room away from any noise, distractions or interference close the door and give yourself some quiet time.

Be sure you are changed into comfortable (baggy if you will) clothing and that you have successfully created a very relaxing serene atmosphere. Use any form of aromatherapy that you prefer, adjust your lighting to dim and calming. Then vow to take 30 minutes to yourself to unwind by assuming the meditation position and thought process.

Not familiar with Essential oils ?

Take a few minutes and listen to my Essential oils 101 Class audio
before you purchase any oils to be sure you are purchasing safe and pure oils.
This audio includes the important aspects of oiling, knowing what oils are safe, who to trust purchasing oils from, how to know if they are 100 % essential oils plus a lot of knowledge explaining how oils work in the body.

Self Hypnosis - Sometimes we get in a rut and can't use our imagination to see outside the box … another way of looking at a situation … a way to overcome a negative behavior or thought. Self-hypnosis (or auto suggestion) is one of the most relaxing stress reduction techniques in which a person hypnotizes himself or herself without the assistance of another person to serve as the hypnotist — is a staple of hypnotherapy-related self-help programs.

Some schools of thought hold that this procedure or treatment as a state is very similar to other states of extreme concentration, where a person becomes oblivious to his or her surroundings while lost in thought.

Often suggested as an example is highway hypnosis, when a driver suddenly finds his or herself much further down the road without any memory of driving the intervening distance.

According to state theorists, the act of hypnotizing, is, in effect, the act of deliberately and mechanically inducing a similar state.

This procedure has also received publicity about its use in Forensics, Sports, Education, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Nicholas Spanos states, "hypnotic procedures influence behavior indirectly by altering subjects' motivations, expectations and interpretations.

- this is 15 minutes of well spent 'Me' Time that will melt away the stress and leave you feeling back in control of your life.

Music - Listening to music while you are cooking, cleaning, working, or exercising is a stress reduction technique that permits your mind to escape and contributes to your relaxation. You could set up a stereo in your fitness room at home or use a personal audio device with headphones that you can take with you while walking through your neighborhood. However, if you are using headphones, remain observant for safety reasons. Stay alert to traffic and other people at all times.

I hope these stress reduction techniques give you some different options to think about to help you reduce stress in your day-day activities. Keeping fit, laughing, and living a healthy, active lifestyle can protect your body from
imbalances that allow negative stress to cause harm to your health.

Always use motivation and positive thinking as a part of your stress reduction techniques and strategies to keep you in control, strong and stress-free. - Humor and laughter are the most undervalued and underestimated tools in society today. They are essential to finding and maintaining balance in life and career.


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