Stress Management Biofeedback

Stress Management Biofeedback

Stress management biofeedback is a means of communicating and understanding the needs of your body. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to communicate with your body? To tell it to sleep on demand, to remove pain when you ask or to know what it is that it needs? Biofeedback teaches you to recognize what your body is saying and thus be able to give it what it is asking for.

Our bodies have a positive or negative reaction to anything we ask them to do. Stress management biofeedback is what can help us decipher what the body needs from us to complete the task we are requesting. Our body may tense just before walking on a stage to do a presentation this may be a reaction of some fearful thought that has come into our mind.

Our body is trying to tell us many things a day as it gives us physical clues such as being tired, fatigued, have constipation, diarrhea, headaches, just as it give us mental clues when we are feeling irritable, restless, impatient, depressed, confused, angry or moody.

We have grown to understand some of our body’s simpler communications with us such as when our bodies begin to shiver and get goose bumps we know we are cold and we can recognize when we are having a feeling in the stomach which we call hunger pangs that we are hungry. The more we understand the sensations that our body is making us aware of the closer we get to becoming one with our bodies and the more balance we integrate in our life.

This type of feedback takes time to become skilled at and a therapist trained in stress management biofeedback to assist you in making this progress. This wouldn’t replace a physician or medications in all instances but it would help in a number of other ways.


If you are unable to sleep for example your therapist may monitor your brain wave activity as you attempt to fall asleep and be able to guide you into being aware of how your body and mind are reacting to your request. You will continue to test your brainwave pattern in different scenarios until you learn what it is that will alter your brainwave activity and give you the desired results.

Your body and mind may be telling you that they can’t shut down so in this case using a number of relaxation techniques it can be discovered what your body and mind respond to so that these brainwave patterns can be altered to permit sleep to come. Once you find the key and relate the feelings from your body to your mind you can notice how your body is reacting and understand what is going on inside to correct the problem.

Take another example of headaches. You may find that during a headache you can manipulate your body in some way to trigger the relaxation needed to assist your body and diminish the headache. Maybe you will discover that particular thoughts and experiences bring on these headaches and uncover a painful experience that you need to deal with to release you from these thoughts.

Biofeedback will measure physiological functions that under normal circumstances you would not be able to recognize. This is done by the means of using a device that measures your reactions by brainwave, sweat glands, and skin temperature or muscle tension. The knowledge of how your body is reacting to certain stimulation will allow you to self regulate by changing the amount of stimulation or eliminating a particular stimuli to become more in tune with your body.

Brain Biofeedback

Stress management biofeedback can be very successful at teaching you to overcome pain or anxiety by connecting the feelings you experience in your body just before these active episodes then use these feelings to distinguish the warning signs that alert you to take certain action to circumvent the negative reactions that are occurring within your body. With biofeedback you become more at one with your body and learn how to alter your actions based on the communication you are receiving from the sensations you are feeling.

Stress management biofeedback is another good tool to use if you have an anger problem. Between techniques of visualization and muscle tension feedback you could promote the feelings of anger and then learn how to obtain control by applying a technique for instance adjusting your perception and changing your thought patterns thus reducing the stress that has brought on the attack.

Not all therapists practice stress management biofeedback, this takes specific training and equipment to master this procedure. Your personal physician, counselor or local medical facility should be able to give you good recommendations based on their knowledge of local practitioners.

Another product to consider to help you monitor your own stress levels and gain control over this area is the emwave. You can read more here just click on the picture below to learn more.


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