Stress Free Moving

When you want to have a stress free moving experience planning and creating lists becomes your priority.

This is an all inclusive list to include all posibilities such as hiring a company to move you versus packing your belongings and if you are moving a long distance versus a short distance from your current residence. You can make the list easier if you mark through items that don’t apply to create a list that applies to your moving circumstances.

1st Things 1st

To make stress free moving work you need to start at the beginning. Go through every room, closet, garage, basement, attic and other storage areas and remove all items you no longer want or need. Place them in boxes. When complete, have a yard sale, donate to friends, family or second hand stores.

Now you are ready to prepare for your move.

Purchase boxes from your local truck rental facility or collect them from retail stores. Purchase bubble plastic or collect many newspapers for packing fragile items and a few rolls of wide packing tape. *Note: If you are going to rent a truck for the move than this may be a good time to reserve the date of rental.

Place boxes in each room and start to pack all items that will not need to be in use until you arrive at your new location.

Pack all last minute items as you no longer need them.

Pack a suitcase with personals that you will need on a daily basis until you get re-organized.

Pack a separate folder with any important papers. Birth Certificates – Passports – medical records etc.

Stress free moving - What accounts do you need to open, close, or transfer?
Bank Checking
Bank Savings
Cable TV
Satellite service
Computer / Internet service
Cell phones
Land line phones
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle tags
Home security system
Electric company
Gas company
Home owners Insurance
Lawn maintenance service
Forward mail

Change your address by Phone or provide information when paying bill.

Credit card companies
Magazines subscriptions
Health insurance
Life insurance

Obtaining paperwork to go:

Copies of medical records
Copies of children’s shot records.
Copies of veterinarian records

Note: Just before you leave fill any medication prescriptions to give you enough time to find another family physician.

Even with this great organization you will still experience Stress. When your task list is longer than the hours in a day stress can become a silent killer.

Symptoms of heightened Stress

  • Anger flare-ups
  • Feelings of frustration
  • Tears
  • What can you do to lighten your load and assure a stress free moving experience?

  • Ask for help
  • Delegate some to-do items from your list
  • Assess your daily routine and see if you can assign some
    of these to another
  • Say “No” to any requests that will contribute to increased stress
  • Set a Stopping Time for the day and Stick to it
  • Order in or pick up take out foods so that you don’t pile more stress on yourself
  • Make 1-2 hours yours at night (take a bath, read, watch a movie) whatever makes you relax
  • Keep a pen and paper handy to add to-do thoughts to your list for the next day
  • I wish you all of the Best with your stress free moving and in your New Home. Happiness Always, Susan


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