Stress and Emotions

There is one emotion that plays an important role within the stress and emotions scheme of things. This emotion is fear.

focus on whats right

Fear fosters negativity and will dictate to a large extent how you view life as a whole.

When we feel fear, we are tense, our heart beats fast, we have sweaty hands, upset stomach and so on. This is our stress response kicking into gear. It then, is only natural that when the emotion of fear is reduced in your life, stress will automatically follow suit.

Wouldn't it be nice to: - Walk into a room full of strangers and turn them into friends. - Be a self-coach rather than your own worst critic. - Converse with comfort and never again worry about what to say. - Go places alone and have fun instead of being intimidated. - Spring free from the comparison trap and remove the fears that block your paths to the future.

All of us process our stress in our own way. We also have different tolerance levels when it comes to stress. The unknown can initiate fear as well as the perception we have of ourselves and the perception of the world. How you handle your stress and emotions is a key factor in positive thinking techniques.

Do you look at life in a positive light and with a
positive attitude?

Youth would be an ideal state,
if it came a little later in life.

How many times do you think or say negative things about yourself?

It is important to develop a strong sense of worth and understand that you have nothing to prove to anyone. Become knowledgeable of the negative impact that stress and emotions will play in your life so that you can protect yourself against these destructive behaviors.

Stress and emotions are interactive and sometimes stress, as much as we try to maintain control, will dictate how we react in a given situation. We need to use thought control techniques to gain a more positive perspective.

When a part of our life has been altered, especially when we did not anticipate or want the change to occur, it is natural to want to hang on to what once was for fear of letting go of something familiar.

We tend to stall, so to speak, in this position and dwell on trying to hold on rather than looking to see what could be ahead.

stress and emotions Individuals tend to view things negatively when something has occurred that alters or disrupts their lives. Negativity will only hinder the efforts of finding an acceptable solution. By always looking at the negative side, you will find that you can easily double or triple your worry.

What if the ground collapses below my feet? What if the world ends tomorrow? “What if” questions make you prone to exaggeration and highly irrational thinking, increasing the number of confusing thoughts in your mind and piling on unneeded stress. When you place more of your focus on inner peace the ‘What ifs’ can’t penetrate your thoughts.

Sometimes because of the 'What If' reaction, our fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and breeds negativity. If you are experiencing a large number of negative thoughts you may want to start deciphering where your unhappiness resides. If you have further problems identifying your unhappiness try to discover your passion in life and then you can see the obstacles that are holding you back from discovering this happiness.

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