Stress affects Energy

stress affects energy alone and tired

When stress affects energy levels you feel drained emotionally and physically. To reduce stress along with increasing your energy you have to realize what different issues cause you to feel stress.

Stress is like dragging a bag of bricks behind you. It weighs you down and drains your emotions and energy from your body and mind. Reduce stress by re-evaluating you’re Life Patterns.

The most simple of tasks are difficult when you are blind to the skills
you have learned but don’t apply.

What I am referring to is the stress that we place on ourselves day in and day out. We realize when our stress affects energy and we feel drained and tired.

We are knowledgeable and understand that when we experience the feelings of frustration, anger, fits of tears, irritations, feelings of defeat, and exasperation, among others, that these are signs that we are involved in something that is causing stress in our lives.

stress affects energy I'm going crazy

Yet, even with this knowledge we don’t think twice, we just toss another brick in the bag and that’s exactly the problem. We don’t stop and Think we just keep moving forward and making the bag heavier.

When stress affects energy levels this means that you are experiencing negative emotions and something is going on that you need to spend some time thinking about before the stress takes its toll.

Why is this issue bothering you? How can you eliminate or modify this situation now and for the future so that it reduces stress and is acceptable to you. We let these events occur over and over again simply because we don’t think to take the time to resolve them. These are the incidences that we voluntarily place unneeded stress on ourselves. We need to gain control over our lives and that means turning to motivation that teaches us the power of positive thinking and altering our perception to relieve the stress that binds us.

stress affects energy I can't take any more

Did you ever stop to think about how stress affects energy levels when:

  • We spend more time resenting an obstacle rather than tackling the task and placing it behind us.
  • We use negative talk about ourself which increases our stress while lowering our self esteem.
  • You don't learn to say “No” when you are already overwhelmed with tasks of your own.
  • You don't take time for yourself to unwind.
  • When you carry around a negative attitude.
  • You know the days that you are hyper and full of energy and feeling good – why are you feeling so good? I know you are just enjoying the good mood but Why are you in a good mood?

    If you answer this you will find every answer will lead to a positive response. You are viewing life in a positive light.
    This gives you unlimited energy.

    What do you feel when you are having a bad day? What are your thoughts? How do you view things?

    stress affects energy  hands on face There are a number of things that can Deplete your energy but the most predominant ones are viewing life with negative perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and negative talk. The key word here being negative.

    When stress affects energy levels you need to focus on changing these negative feelings in your life. This is when you will feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders with every step. Pretty soon that heavy bag of bricks you were dragging behind you will disappear,one brick at a time. After a while you will notice that your moods have been uplifted and you are feeling much happier.

    It’s not hard work it is just a matter of taking the time to focus and determine the changes that you can apply in your daily life that will turn the tables to your advantage.

    Take the time right now to determine how you can reduce stress by disposing of one brick that is weighing you down and causing a negative impact in your life.

    Adjust the situation by finding alternative ways to accomplish the same result but that is acceptable to you.

    If it’s that the neighbor keeps dumping her kids on you for you to watch then find her a babysitter or learn to say, “No, I need some time to myself” or “I have many things I’d like to focus on today and I’d rather not have the interruptions”.

    Stress develops when you lose the control over any situation.

    When stress effects energy levels its time to stand up - take control of your life and let others control their own destinies.


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    We all have several emotions that contribute to our personalities that we have developed over the years and they all snowball into one personality that makes you the person you are today.

    This doesn’t mean that you can’t change these parts of you that cause you stress. There are many negative emotions that if not recognized and brought under control can take over the larger part of your personality and prevent you from experiencing the better parts of your life.

    Negative emotions will drain your energy. These emotions may be of anger, fear, frustration, envy, guilt, helplessness, sadness or worry.

    What we do need to understand is that with every emotion that we feel we have the choice whether to accept it and let it flourish or reject it and replace it with an emotion we choose.

    How do we do this?

    Well, when you feel a negative emotion such as anger welling up inside you – you first have to be aware that you are experiencing this emotion and then take the initiative to say STOP – when you do this you are taking control over that emotion. Once you say STOP – then you choose to change your reaction to whatever is occurring that is causing this negative response.

    Ask yourself – Why am I feeling this anger? What is the cause? Is it another person that I am letting take control of my emotions? Is it frustration due to external circumstances that I let build into anger?

    Whatever was the cause that triggered the emotion it was something that was outside yourself.

    Now that you have established the cause you need to decide if you are willing to let that external cause control how you feel or do you want to make that choice? Are you willing to let another individual influence you so much that you feel anger? Are you willing to let external circumstances control how you react?

    As you become aware of the causes of your negative emotions it will become easier and faster to stop the negative emotion and quickly replace it with another, a more positive emotion.

    This is the first step to positive thinking, recognizing the negative emotion. Then discover what the root cause is that triggered your mind to react in a negative manner, follow that with the choice whether you are willing to let someone or something else have control over you.

    The more positive of a person you become the more you will reach your goals and experience the better parts of what life has to offer you.

    Learn more about how to become a positive thinker.

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    Positive Thinking

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