Sleep Tips

Having trouble Sleeping? These sleep tips will help you if you are experiencing a problem with adjusting your body to relax in the evening hours.

Also see reenergize from the stress to help stabilize your body and mind balance. This releases your mind from thinking of the day-to-day struggles and worries that tend to overwhelm your thoughts through the night hours.

Top sleep tips Recommendation

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    More Sleep Tips to get
    some great shut eye!!

    Tryptophan is a routine ingredient found in many protein-based foods or dietary proteins. It is particularly plentiful in chocolate, oats, dates, milk, yogurt, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds and peanuts.

    Many people find tryptophan to be a safe and reasonably useful sleep aid, since it can increase serotonin levels in the brain which causes a calming effect and increases melatonin which is a sleep inducing hormone.

    So if your looking for an evening snack you may want to pull your focus on finding a snack that will benefit you to relax and prepare for a goods nights rest.

    • Condition your mind to expect sleep, go to bed at night and rise in the morning at the same time every day to maintain the correct balance that your body needs to continue its cycle.
    • Use ear plugs to eliminate any unwanted noise
    • Use ‘white noise’ like the hum of a fan to eliminate some outside noise and create a soothing continuous sound
    • Use a diffuser with lavender essential oils which will help calm and relax your mind and body. Learn more on essential oils here.
    • Shut the television off 30 minutes prior to bedtime and pick up a good book to read
    • You may apply a concept of thought control to pull the focus of your thoughts in one direction to clear your mind and create focus
    • Don’t lay in bed and worry. It’s better to deal with these issues before you go to bed. Understand that if there is nothing you can do about a particular incident right then you need to be able to set it aside. Think about the positive in any situation.
    • Think of words that associate to each letter of the alphabet such as A=apple, B=Banana, C= cat and so on only visualize these letters and words as you create them. Count backwards from a set number like 100; visualize these numbers as you count them. Visualizing the numbers or letters keeps your mind focused on something trivial until your mind relaxes and drifts off to sleep rather than planning for the next days activities or worrying over a situation you currently have no control over
    • Eat dinner at a reasonable time so your body has the time to digest the foods before bedtime. If you eat early and are going to experience hunger pangs have a light snack so that you don’t wake in the middle of the night hungry and unable to return to sleep
    • Make use of meditations to relax your body. With this sleep tip you will place yourself in a serene setting such as by a waterfall surrounded by trees. You are laying at a distance with a small stream passing by as you watch the cascading falls in the background. You hear the water as it falls over the rocks and runs down the mountainside to splash in the water below. Feel the calm breeze in the air. Feel the sun on your body. Smell the trees, plants, and flowers in the air. Continue to hold your vision and relax your body
    • Avoid stimulants in the evening hours including coffee, (especially espresso) tea, soda, alcohol or candy containing high amounts of sugar
    • Don’t watch Television while lying in bed; only go to bed when you are tired. This allows your body and mind to relate being tired to bed and to sleep
    • Exercise during the afternoon or early evening but not within the 3 hours prior to bedtime
    • Take a warm bath and put on comfortable clothing to sleep in
    • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress
    • If you or your partner toss and turn a lot though the night you may what to entertain the idea of investing in a king or queen size bed
    • Keep the temperature comfortable to your benefit at night depending if you prefer being warm or putting a hint of coolness in the air
    • Don’t take naps during the day this may produce alertness in the evening hours when you want to retire for the night
    • Get out of bed if you are not able to fall asleep rather than lay there and fight it which adds to your own frustrations.
    • The last sleep tip is to take advantage of the use of aromatherapy. This can help trigger feelings of relaxation and are available in many fragrances some are noted for having a more calming effect for sleep purposes than others.
    One aromatherapy recipe I use is below:

    Spray mist:

    1 Small spray bottle
    12 drops of lavender oil
    ½ teaspoon alcohol
    ¼ cup distilled water

    shake and spray on pillows and linins
    As a precaution when pregnant avoid the use of essential oils or speak to a clinical herbalist.

    Not getting good rest at night is a high contributor to moodiness and being vulnerable to stressful episodes the following day. There are many sleep and relaxation products available that yield high results when in search of a solid nights sleep. See more sleep tips from Dream Essentials for some wonderful sleep tips and products which I myself use and truly enjoy. Your goal is to make your nights peaceful and wake up refresh and ready to greet the day.

    If trying these sleep tips does not offer you relief it is best if you consult a professional to rule out any serious health condition.

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