Self Improvement

Self improvement is a daily challenge. Have you ever wanted to be more like someone else that you have met? Maybe more outgoing, more confident, more compassionate, more spontaneous? Let’s face it, nobody will be perfect but we can sure improve a great number of our characteristics.

shortcomings in yourself

Reinvent Yourself
Recreate a New You – The person You’ve Always Wanted to Be.

Know Yourself
Learn what makes you tick – what makes you happy – what controls your emotions.

Develop Personal Courage
Handle Situations with Confidence and Poise.

Fear of Being Judged
Feel Free to Be Yourself.

Change is never easy. It is always more comfortable to stay within the boundaries of what is familiar rather than step out into the unknown. You will be required to take risks as you unwrap yourself from your safe cocoon and join the world.

self improvement butterfly

You can use self improvement strategies and/or self hypnosis to help you take baby steps towards a new and improved you, one that will know that there is always hope and many chances for happiness in this lifetime.

When you start your baby steps to self improvement choose one area that you would like to change in your work environment and one area you would like to improve in your home life.

Let’s say at work you may want to feel more comfortable complimenting others. First baby step - one time per workday you will commit to telling someone one a positive statement about themselves.

self improvement holding hands At home maybe you would like to be able to better communicate with your partner. First baby step - each day when you and your partner meet at home you commit to stop what you are doing and ask “How did your day go today?”, then listen and share stories before returning to the tasks at hand.

Remember you are focusing on changing you not anyone else around you. Learn to perceive each event that occurs with a positive perspective.

If you have suffered from mental abuse that left you experiencing difficulties of accepting touch as a positive exchange of affection start with baby steps such as accepting a hug of affection without pulling away.

self improvement socialize

If you are fearful of social settings then find a person least threatening in your eyes and approach them to say hello or ask them something about themselves. People love to talk about themselves; they have a lot that they would enjoy sharing with others. This will start a conversation rolling and your tension will begin to fade.

Bear in mind that it is up to you to pick yourself up and brush your self off. Most individuals that are survivors of mental abuse will end up being a very strong individual based on what they have learned from these past experiences. You are a strong individual otherwise you wouldn’t even be contemplating change.

To continue moving forward develop a list of your strengths; write down all of the good qualities that you see in yourself. Keep digging, ask someone close to you to help if you have a difficult time with this.

Focus on what you like about yourself as well as the things that you do in life that you enjoy. If you enjoy something, you have a passion about this subject and this passion will develop into a part of your individual uniqueness.

Usually individuals that have suffered at the hands of mental abuse have a low self esteem and find it difficult to accept a compliment from another, this is obvious since they have not been used to receiving compliments or being perceived in a positive light.

Another area of self improvement is to practice saying the words “Thank You”. You never asked for help and shied away from others so you have never had the need to use these words but they are very powerful words that can make or break a relationship even with an acquaintance in passing.

When continuously repeating these behaviors, the behavior will become more of a natural reaction rather than a forced behavior or response.

You can change any aspect of your life that you desire with focus and baby steps but nothing will happen overnight so don’t get discouraged, recognize your accomplishments at every stage and once you defeat one fear select the next one that you would like to diminish.

When using self improvement techniques you may sometimes find that your old fears will crop up and you find that you are being hard on yourself, condemning yourself, belittling yourself, find out why?

What fear are you dealing with?

Take a look through the these self improvement topics to pull your thoughts into a focused area for development.

If you have never used positive thinking or self hypnosis techniques Click here to Learn more on this topic.

Use methods of
thought control to take charge and re-direct your energies. Do exercises to build your self confidence and alter your perception. Only focus on positive thoughts.

If you need to take a break and retreat back to that cocoon then do so but don’t forget the world is still waiting for you on the other side, always stay committed to moving forward to strengthen your mental health.


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