Road rage

Road rage is violent behavior by a driver of an automobile, which can cause accidents or incidents on roadways. Without any visible facts, this emotion is usually labeled and ticketed as careless or reckless driving. When a scene is escalated it may result in charges of assault and battery or if a victim is killed, vehicular homicide.

As knowledge of this offense continues to grow over time with the increased population and congested roadways more serious penalties are inevitable and well warranted.

What causes Road Rage?

Of course Stress is the number 1 leading factor. This is another stressor that people mostly place upon themselves.

Individuals are trying to accomplish too many things in a short period of time. Rather than saying ‘no’, cutting some items from their to-do list or rearranging their schedule they continue their pressurized timetable without a second thought as to the pressure they are placing upon themselves.

road rage traffic signs directions

So with this, they are in a rush to get somewhere and are usually running behind schedule. They are focused on themselves and their watch. They tailgate, speed, rubber neck, cut a driver off without signaling and change lanes frequently as they try to get one more car length ahead.

When you are waiting patiently for a parking space this person will be the one who immediately swings out in front of you to cut you off and take the space that just opened up.

Outside influences that contribute to road rage can be a multiple of distractions such as cell phone usage, eating, drinking, yelling at the children, and primping as they drive.

This can affect cars in front of them and also behind them. If they are not paying attention when all of a sudden traffic in front of them has slowed, they can end up rear ending another vehicle or breaking fast and causing the vehicle behind them to lose control.

According to auto the number one city rated worst for road rage is Miami, Florida – closely followed by Phoenix, New York and Los Angeles. Read more…

road rage nothing but traffic

Adopting the right attitude
can convert a negative stress
into a positive one
- Hans Selye

How can you avoid Road Rage?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you only have control over your reactions which basically means although you can’t avoid it you can be one of those special people who don’t contribute to it.

Things you can do to help are:

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to travel taking into consideration possible traffic delays.
  • Use relaxation techniques in your vehicle to combat stress and frustration.
  • road rage hit and run

  • Be considerate of other drivers (yes, even if it is Those driver’s) – Remember you only have control over how you react.
  • If someone signals that they need to enter the lane ahead of you – slow down and let them in.
  • Use your signals to let other drivers behind you know of your intentions to slow down and make a turn.
  • Don’t try to race by a couple of vehicles to get ahead when you have intentions of exiting a highway. When someone is entering a highway move over and let them in or lift off of your gas to give them time and space to enter.
  • Never tailgate, keep a safe distance for unprepared breaking.
  • If someone is rude to you…don’t give them the satisfaction of losing your temper, ignore them and take pleasure in knowing you are not satisfying their need for acknowledgement.
road rage avoid accidents Above all the rest… Remember that they may truly be experiencing an emergency so give the other driver the benefit of the doubt.

We are all prone to making driving error’s don’t jump to the conclusion that this person intentionally singled you out of the crowd to be rude to.

You never know when the driver next to you is distracted and could make an error in judgment. Defensive driving is safe driving.

Wear your seat belt, drive safe and arrive alive


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