Removing Stress

Removing stress can be as simple as BS – TP and Soap.

Oh I can see those wheels of thought turning at lightning speed in your mind but this is how it works.

You have to start with your own BS (Belief System) apply the TP (thought process) and then, if reasonable, remove following the Soap directions.

So let’s start with our own BS - Our brains are as unique as our fingerprint in comparison to others.

Personalities, work ethics, values, past experience, knowledge – they all grow unique as we develop year after year. So how you believe someone or something should be is only built from your own beliefs and expectations of the object of thought.

Everything you were taught over the years was someone else’s beliefs right? How else would you learn? That of course doesn’t mean that they were right in their beliefs and it also doesn’t mean they were wrong, but everyone eventually creates their own belief system. You were taught thousands of beliefs from your family, from your teachers, from your mentors, and as you grew something else may have happened that contradicted these beliefs so you threw one out and replaced it with another.

So as we apply our TP we need to be assured we are not placing our own BS on someone else. By expecting the world and others to evolve around our belief system we only increase the effects of stress when they don’t live up to our standards. So the next time you find yourself getting stressed in a specific situation Review your belief system and apply your thought process to make sure that you are not projecting your beliefs into the scenario.

If your BS and TP are in sink and you have reasonable expectations then by all means removing stress using soap to clean up the problem is the best solution.

Unlike using soap to clean there is no need to add water when you are using it to remove a stressor from your life. Just follow the cleaning directions below.

Removing Stress from your Life by using soap.

Specify your stressor

Open your options

Agree on your action

Proceed to perform

Specify your stressor

When you are Removing Stress from your life you need to be specific on what is causing you the stress. Don’t say your job stresses you out – determine what is going on particularly in the job that is causing you stress.

If Lazy Larry is passing his work off onto you while he proceeds to play computer games and still taking credit for a job well done – then your stressor is Lazy Larry not equally sharing the workload.

Open your options

Use problem solving techniques to determine how you can approach and keep this stressful event from occurring.

An example May be: 1. Approach Larry directly and let your feelings be known. That you are taking on a heavier workload while you notice he has a lot of free time. Let him know you need to focus on your own responsibilities and duties. 2. Casually approach your supervisor and mention the extra workloads you have been taking on. 3. Ask Larry to return the favor by helping you complete your assignments.

List all of the options that you can think of that would resolve the issue.

Don’t use avoidance since this will only cause additional stress to come up as you struggle with ways to avoid confrontation on a daily basis.

Agree on your action

Once all of your options are listed, decide what is the most advantages way to proceed.

Proceed to perform

Don’t procrastinate – move forward and take action to resolve.

As you use soap to remove stressors from your life one by one - you will gain power and conviction to keep your life stress free and running smoothly.

We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:9


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