Regain Your Power

It is difficult to immediately regain your power after experiencing some negative confrontation where you lost control. Maybe as you drive home from work you are rehashing your day and dwelling on negative feelings as you question your inadequacy and are focusing on your weaknesses.

It is easier to condemn or criticize ourselves for our weaknesses rather than maintaining a strong attitude full of positive thinking. When you regain your power you regain the inner peace that resides inside of you.

Regain Your Power controlling your blood pressure

The experience that elevated your blood pressure and stole your control also attached the burden of stress, which has lingered throughout the day and is still stuck to you like glue.

Why? You chose to let someone steal your peace, you gave them the controls. You let that negative experience take over your thoughts— it grew like a weed on fertilizer! You tried to set it aside, but every time you had a free minute, the event
came rushing back in your mind.
Stop and regain your power.

Regain Your Power gain control

If you took the time now to think about the incident, you would see there were plenty of other avenues that you could have chosen, but you were caught off guard and stress dictated your reactions. You lost your control.

These are the reactions we all need to learn to restrain by altering your perception and utilizing our thought control techniques.

When your level of stress started to escalate, your body took over and prepared to defend itself. Your mind sensed the distress and triggered your adrenal glands, which released adrenaline into your system, and the rest is history. Not a very pretty memory, I may add.

When an event takes place such as an irate customer and tempers flare, voice tones rise, and stress levels skyrocket it is not the actual situation that is causing our body to trigger the stress response.

Regain Your Power stay focused Our mental state of being at the time that a stressful event occurs plays a very large part in how we choose to interpret the event.

Therefore, since our mental stability can change from one day to another so can our reaction when presented with the exact same set of circumstances.

If we are overwhelmed at the time of a stressful event we may over react and lose control. If we are relaxed we will use better judgment in our reaction.

Cognitive therapy seeks to identify and change "distorted" or "unrealistic" ways of thinking, and therefore to influence emotion and behavior.

Many times individuals tend to Overgeneralize - they see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat or they may jump to conclusions - they make a negative interpretation even though there are no definite facts that convincingly support their conclusion.

Learn more from
Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think or Reinventing Your Life: How to Break Free from Negative Life Patterns and Feel Good Again .

It is important that you recognize and learn to defend yourself against the stressors you encounter in your everyday life, to regain your power and create a balance that will allow you to get to the destination you choose.

The key is to calm your mind; then your body will follow suit. Take the time to focus your thoughts using control techniques and prioritize the importance of the issue at hand.

Will what you’re stressing over matter to you tomorrow, next month, or next year? If not, it is not a life-altering decision and therefore you shouldn’t place more significance on it than it calls for.

Regain Your Power reassess your actions

You choose how to react, you choose to regain your control, and this is not only a challenge but an opportunity to practice calming effects and maintaining control. Nobody can steal your peace unless you choose to surrender it to him.

Are you willing to surrender?


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