Reducing Job stress

Work = Stress + Anxiety Beware of the Pitfalls

Reducing job stress is a task that should be addressed during every workday. There are a number of ways to create a less stressful more enjoyable job. Some of the best ideas will come from the staff members who recognize where the stress lies in their daily duties. Having a meeting to discuss these possibilities is the first step to reducing job stress and creating a well productive and less stressful atmosphere.

Reducing Job stress

Listening to music - Music is a contributor to work productivity and positive mood enhancement. Using low background music will be reducing job stress by creating a soothing atmosphere.

This will help not only to keep employees in a positive mood but when confronted with an emotional or frustrated customer their mood identifies with the customers stress level and seeks to reduce it by positive
feedback that will relax rather than increase
the customers stress levels.

Have frequent meetings - Hold regular meetings to always keep everyone informed and involved with new activities. Having knowledge and advanced information is a simple task in reducing job stress. Reducing Job stress have meetings

Individuals need to feel part of the big picture. Share ideas in reducing job stress while making the workplace fun yet staying professional. It is human nature to want to excel and be noticed for your hard work.

Human beings are more comfortable when they know where to go, what to do, and what will happen next. If there is always a direction to follow and a goal ahead to strive for, motivation will thrive.

Organize your space - You can avoid long delays in search of items plus keep your mind free of clutter by staying organized and on top of your current projects.

Pick and choose your battles - By choosing not to fight any battle you are immediately reducing job stress to '0'.

If you think the battle is worth the fight, then before you say anything to your superiors or co-worker you need to get prepared.

The worst move you can make is to voice an objection when you haven’t got anything other than your objection to back it up. This is called whining.

Gather all your facts and figures and organize your thoughts as to what points you want to get across. Always have alternative solutions to any problem that could be taken into consideration.

Break any habits of a Perfectionist - People who practice this behavior might be subjecting themselves to an even higher Reducing Job stress computer desk level of health risks. Problems occur when the stress response fails to reverse itself and, therefore, does not reset properly. The perfectionist who oversees the production of other workers tends to have a high level of stress, most of it due to frustration.

The perfectionist sets high expectations not only for themselves but also for those around them. The mere fact that they cannot make the people that surround them work as hard or as efficient as themselves provokes stressful episodes.

Reducing job stress will be difficult if you are living a life of a perfectionist and don’t accept that there will be moments of failure; you are setting yourself up for a devastating blow of reality.

We learn from failures, ours as well as others’. The consequences of failure will only inject more stress into your life if you cannot accept the lessons they offer and move forward with a positive rather than self-condemning attitude.

To be more effective at work means that you will need to work at reducing job stress by setting realistic goals and deadlines. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as being perfect, and don’t place those expectations on anyone else within your work unit.

Use task lists to prioritize. Acknowledge to yourself that these tasks may not all get done in one day and that the less important tasks at the bottom of the list may get transferred to tomorrow’s list.

Learn to say No - It's hard to say "No" and not feel guilty but some people can take advantage of this weakness.

Commitment and loyalty used to be a big part of one’s career in the past. Yet today, as a matter of survival, individuals have to put into practice the word “no.”

If management does not comprehend the values of home, family, and free time, then you need to find an organization where management does.

Can they replace you, absolutely, but where are you going to place your priorities in life? Your family and the time you spend with them are not replaceable. If you are working for someone who is oblivious to anything but his work, then this person does not acknowledge the importance of balance within their life and odds are good that, he/she will expect the same commitment from you.

To accomplish goals of reducing job stress you need to be able to do your job well and complete your assignments, but it is definitely not advisable for your health and for your family to consume yourself with these obligations. Reducing Job stress overworked

Monitor your workload – Make use of a daily planner. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and while technology can be beneficial, the consequences can create more stress in our lives.

With the increasing amount of resources and much faster means of communications employees are expected to be able to take on heavier work loads with additional responsibilities but this is to be accomplished in the same forty hour workweek.

Reducing job stress helps to accomplish this but be careful not to take on too many projects; you will only be placing stress on yourself that is not necessary. Let your supervisor know that your schedule is full and by taking on any more at this time you fear you could not give a hundred percent of your attention to the project.

Change is a good thing that contributes to growth but only you can maintain a balance in your life by making wise decisions to reduce your job stress and monitor your workload.

Reducing Job stress working out

Exercise and keeping fit – Keep a pair of walking shoes stashed at work—under your desk, in your locker, or wherever is easiest to get to—so that when you want to reduce job stress you can slip them on and take a nice brisk walk.

At break or at lunch you can walk around the building or around the block. It’s great if you have stairs, since they provide an alternative in extreme weather conditions. Any form of physical activity will help you with reducing job stress.

Keeping yourself healthy - You may have good intentions as you slave to prove yourself as a multi-task individual. You may work long hours to show devotion and loyalty to your profession. But by always thinking of everyone else you miss the signals of the needs that your mind and body are giving you.

To reduce job stress it is important to remember that you always need to schedule time for yourself and keep it just as you would a doctor’s appointment. Your mental health and physical health will be strong determining factors as to whether you are successful or not.

Working non-stop you may think is good for your career and family but the stress placed on yourself effects every part of your life. You need to treat yourself as you would treat an employee, with consideration. You want them to take a lunch break, you want them to leave work on time, you want them to enjoy their days off and relax.

Practice what you preach – spend your free time doing something that brings joy into your life.

Good nutrition picks – Rather than having employees bring in donuts, cupcakes, cookies cakes and such agree as a group to try to focus more on nutrition when bring the office a snack.

Reducing Job stress eat healthy

Choose muffins, bagels, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, or packages of cheese or peanut butter crackers. Any item that holds less fat, less sugar and more fiber and vitamins will promote health and wellness along with giving you a more positive outlook during the day.

High fat and sugar will drain your energy and you will feel as if you are dragging through to reach the end of every day.

Your nutrition has a direct link to your work day as it can increase your energy and have a positive effect on your attitude while at the same time letting you indulge to satisfy that craving for something to snack on.

Start to implement and make changes in your own work environment to reduce job stress. Solicit ideas that may be unique to your specific job duties and always remember to inject lots of humor and good attitude. Make your life a happy one.


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