How to purchase essential oils

First of all before you purchase essential oils - Know your manufacturer. Know how they grow their product, where they grow their product, how they distil and extract the oils from the plants, do they use any chemicals in their fields etc. The manufacturer should be 100% transparent with their process.

The manufacturer that I use and recommend is Young Living essential oils. You can purchase essential oils at retail cost - or at no additional cost  - you can receive discount essential oils by choosing a membership that saves you 24% at Young Living Essential Oils.

By making the decision to receive discount essential oils you are opening up your options of becoming a distributor where you can not only purchase essential oils but also sell essential oils, give classes to teach the basics of essential oils, earn an income and make a career by doing something that you love.

I am a distributor. #10510504

I could sell you the oils at retail price but why do that when I can benefit you more by letting you receive the discounts. Every person has different needs and challenges to overcome in their lives. We'll work together to conquer your obstacles.

I love the fact that Young Living oils is totally people oriented. They treat you like family and I guess truthfully we are just one big family. We share the knowledge you need to pull away from all the chemicals that over time have taken over your life. Just as stress is a silent killer, so are the chemicals that you subject your body to.

As you can see my life is all about staying healthy and keeping the stress out of my life. Over 90% of diseases are caused or complicated by stress.

I know I can't always control what goes on around me but I can always control what goes on inside of me. But I had to also take that first step that sent me on this journey.  Just one change in your life can change your whole direction for the better.

But your first step to a healthy lifestyle is to start with YOU by purchasing your own kit.

I'll share what you get in your kit

These oils from seed to seal are
100% pure therapeutic essential oils.

Once you get started It's easy to share your knowledge because you know you are  helping others just by introducing them to a product that will change their life. After you purchase essential oils you work to modify your own life and in doing this, you'll be able to share how these oils helped you. Your testimony and the many others you will collect, will help them see how beneficial these are to have in your life.

I will be glad to sponsor you through Young Living to get your account and membership activated.

As your sponsor I will also help you to learn as much as possible to build your knowledge and understanding so that not only YOU personally benefit when you purchase essential oils but you can then pass on your understanding to help many others including family, friends.

By receiving discount essential oils this will help you to stock up, increase your knowledge and develop your inventory to expand your business.

What's an even Better way to Stock Up?

Besides classifying yourself as a distributer, after you purchase essential oils, Your Starter Kit you can join the Essential Rewards Program Some of the benefits of this program are:

You get 10 percent back (in free oils YOU pick out) for every dollar you spend. After 4 months, you get 20 percent back. After 25 months, you get 25 percent back. You also get free gifts from Young Living at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months as a thank you for your loyalty!  There are freebies each month for spending 190, 250, or 300pv. Most of my oils were free using essential rewards! You also receive discount essential oils shipping, you win all the way around!

You can trust Young Living when you
purchase essential oils through them.

These oils are grown by them, processed by them and come directly to you once they are bottled. You won't find another manufacturer that can hold up to their standards of purity and trust.

Today you can choose to close the door of your past, open the door to your future and start a new chapter in your life.

The door is here and the key is in your hand.

Click here to Join Now and I'll be in touch to help you gain the knowledge that you need to be successful in the use of your oils.

To see what is in your starter kit first Click Here

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