Proper Nutrition

When incorporating proper nutrition into your lifestyle keep in mind that you must permanently change your eating habits for good nutrition to be effective.

You need to realize and understand the triggers that cause you to reach for those high fat, high calorie foods.

A trigger is any situation that prompts your mind to revert to a specific behavior based on past habits. This can be based on visual stimulus or activity. Triggers will attempt to weaken your willpower and therefore need to be modified or eliminated from your environment. Focus on reducing your personal triggers.

Looking for even more information you may want to read
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The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: An Encyclopedic Guide to How to Choose, Use, and Prepare Them

Proper Nutrition veggies

  • Vegetables-stress affects your energy, focusing on proper nutrition habits will better able you to cope with your daily stress.

    One very important way to do this is to increase your intake of vegetables at every meal. These are not only good for you and help to fill you up but they are also low in calories and something we can never seem to get enough of.

    Vegetables are best if steamed to maintain the highest nutritional value, but if steaming is not an option then baking is your second best, then boiling. When you are selecting vegetables, it is better to use fresh rather than canned or frozen.

  • Proper Nutrition steak

    Keep consumption of Fat content Low-Keep your intake of fat, and especially saturated fat, low. Daily intake of fat should only equal one third of your daily calorie intake to create a healthy balance and proper nutrition.

    Saturated fat is the worst fat, and this can be found in the high-fat content meats and dairy products that we purchase.

    To learn more on the truth of fat and fatty acids and how they can affect your life, especially if you’re diabetic, click here.

  • Don’t skip meals-One of the first and most important rules in proper nutrition is not to skip any meals.

    This is of course easier said than done when you are trying to couple eating right and losing weight at the same time but monitoring what you eat is as essential as eating on a regular basis.

    You have over time already established that when you skip a meal such as lunch you are famished by the time dinner has arrived and can eat twice as much just because of the desperate feelings of hunger you are experiencing.

  • Proper Nutrition drinks

  • Drink with Moderation-You don’t need to eliminate coffee, soda, tea, or alcoholic beverages from your life, but at least make the commitment to cut down on your intake of these drinks.

    Above all, try to avoid consuming any stimulants during the evening hours if you have trouble sleeping at night.

  • Make three lists- You can continue to make modifications to your foods by using proper nutrition knowledge to eliminate a high fat content food for a more nutritional choice. The three lists will contain food that you like with two restrictions to the list, the food must be both healthy and low calorie.

    One list needs to contain foods that you may enjoy for breakfast, one for lunch and one list for dinner.

    If you have a lack of imagination buy a small calorie counter book. This lists foods you may not have considered which will increase your list choices. Remember, this tool is a calorie counter, it doesn’t mean that everything listed is good for you or low in calories it simply gives you a wide range of foods and their calorie count.

  • Proper Nutrition vitamins

  • Take a supplemental vitamin-Vitamins are essential for a well balanced diet and also aid our bodies by contributing to the proper nutrition that they need on a daily basis.

    There are vitamins directly linked to Stress relief as well as daily multi-vitamins available on the market. If in doubt of a reputable multi-vitamin ask the pharmacist at your local drug store.

  • Proper Nutrition tennis

  • Exercise-This isn’t so bad if you choose to do something that you enjoy.

    Proper nutrition isn’t all about what we put into our bodies but the balance that we incorporate between food and fitness. Go for long walks (nature walks are great if you have any within close proximity to your location).

    Working in the yard is both visually rewarding and physical. It also gives your mind time to relax which aids in reducing the pressures and stress that may be one of your triggers to eating.

  • Keep your self busy-One of the biggest triggers to eating is television. This can be the hardest to master simply due to the commercials every 10 minutes showing you pictures of tempting foods and weakening your will power.

    Keeping your hands busy with a hobby or craft helps immensely to redirect your attention during those dreaded commercials. Simply focus all of your attention to whatever you’re working on knowing that, this too shall pass.

  • Proper Nutrition spa

  • Pamper Yourself-Another satisfying diversion technique to keep you focused off food and focused on proper nutrition is to pamper yourself, have a portable single CD player, candle or diffuser, and bubble bath on hand at all times.

    Run a warm bubble bath; place a candle or diffuser on the counter and a relaxation tape in the CD. Let the warm water sooth and relax every muscle. Wrap yourself in a comfortable bathrobe when done and curl up to read a good book.

  • Avoidance-Of course, you know the biggest taboo - don’t keep high fat snacks and food in your house. Learn the difference between Good Fats and Bad Fats.

    This only weakens your willpower more if you should start to waiver. Having to make a special trip to the store may deter you long enough to get your mind back on track with the use of one of your other diversion techniques.

  • Good Fats that can target and burn your belly fat (eaten in moderation) and calculated into your daily calorie consumption are:
    Pesto Sauce
    Pistachio nuts


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