Power of Memories

Memories can transport you into a time capsule. The power of memories can be seen in the ability for a single unexpected scent in the air to invoke a past experience and bring back the associated thoughts from that place in time.

The pictures in your mind seem to be photographs that you could reach out and touch, so clear that twenty years ago can feel like yesterday.

Our minds with the power of memories give us the building blocks to plan, predict, dream, fantasize and define who we are in this vast universe.

We all use the past to build our future by stringing together bits and pieces of knowledge that we gather as we grow.

Power of Memories grandma with cat

We utilize the power of memories to make a nest, our own haven of happiness that encircles us. In our travels we pick up souvenirs that are placed ritualistically within our surroundings to bring back happy moments in time, moments we never want out of reach.

Whether its children, grand children, parents, grand parents or friends who have made a difference in your life, memories are special moments to reflect over.

Pictures paint a thousand memories.

Canvas on demand can cement your memories with lasting prints that are rated to last for over 100 years. They artistically crop your photo then enhance the color, hue, brightness and sharpness. The artists create each brushstroke by hand, without the use of a filter, then render on canvas for the look and feel of an oil painting.

These are truly beautiful memoirs.

There are many advanced techniques that are available. Your cracked, faded, torn and damaged photos can be repaired and rendered on canvas

or your black and white vintage photo can be colorized and rendered on canvas.

Whenever you order more than one canvas of the same image in the same size at the same time, the additional canvases are 50% off the original price.

Power of Memories gramndma at Christmas

Great for your memories and great as a special gift for any occasion. You have your choice of having the print wrapped (meaning the print goes around the sides of the canvas and there is no frame) or you may have it framed.

When we were young we wanted to grow up and when we grow up we want to be young. The best thing about memories is that you can always reflect back to a place in time you enjoyed and relive this time through your minds eye over and over again.

These lasting canvases can helps us treasure our loved ones and keep all those special memories of the past in our present and now allows us to pass them on as gifts to the future generations to come.


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