Your Positive Thoughts and Words
are Important to Share with others

Positive thoughts and the sharing of words have an immediate effect on stress reduction. Most individuals don't consider the power that their words have on another person and how they can change someone’s life. Positive feedback, compliments, good wishes, and friendly greetings not only lift your spirits as the giver but lifts the spirits of the recipient.

Words can give confidence where someone is lacking, support when they are in need, friendship when they feel alone, attention when they feel unnoticed, or motivation to strive harder when they grow weak.

You don’t have to buy your words and tuck them away for special occasions – you don’t have to hold on to them in fear that you’ll run out or that you won’t be able to find any more. Words are unlimited and free for the taking and for the giving.

Be generous with your words as it will echo confidence, self esteem, compassion, and respect – all of which the world can use a little more of. Take time to touch someone’s heart today. What you give of yourself will always come back to you so learn to let go of your words and lend them to another. Inspirational Author, Eleesha shares her unique life transforming blend of original, personal and heartfelt, inspirational affirmations for your Soul.

Also... I occasionally read something that by-passes the brain and goes straight to the heart. Seeing The Dash Movie was one of those times.

It has a very unexpected outcome which is both thought provoking and heart warming.

The Dash Movie takes only three minutes to watch, but those three minutes can truly change the way you think about life. I hope it will touch you as much as it touched me.

Please take 3 minutes to let this movie speak to you. It will be the best 3 minutes of your day.

Just click the link below to begin

The Dash

Make a promise to yourself to keep the positive energy in your life growing, giving, and guiding for others to follow.

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