Positive Thinking

Positive thinking costs nothing but gives you endless rewards. Things will go wrong in your life that is inevitable. My question would be, “How do you react when things don’t go your way?”

We of course all have a choice as to how we respond to any given situation, “Do you respond by focusing on the negative or are you more optimistic and sway to viewing the good that appears?”

First and most importantly we need to accept that there is a balance in all facets of life and there is a balance with positive and negative energy.

We can be drawn towards looking at the negative aspects or we can make the choice of being drawn towards the positive thinking aspects.

positive thinking

Let’s use a brief example. Let’s say you have an appointment scheduled for a job interview. You wake up that morning and you think, “I’ll never get that job, why am I even wasting my time going to this interview?” You have no motivation. You arrive at the interview and you give off those negative vibes of discontentment and low self esteem. Do you think this is the type of person you would hire?

positive thinking man in suit But Let’s say you wake up that morning and your excitement of a new goal and anticipation of how you are going to excel at this new position is bubbling over. You are excited as you dress for the interview and arrive 15 minutes early so you can get a feel of the new environment.

Be realistic… which individual would you hire. Even if the negative person had more previous experience you want the enthusiastic, the upbeat go getter that is self confident, motivated and has a zest for life’s experiences.

Can you identify how each attitude can have an effect on our health as well as what you will accomplish in your lifetime?

By using positive thinking you eliminate the stress that negative thinking can place on you.

Negative thinking will always be a dark cloud that travels overhead. Everyone who meets you will be repelled by the negativity. The law of attraction weighs heavily on both sides. If you are negative – negativity can squeeze the breath out of you, but if you see the positive side of life the positive will fill you up so that you fly high above the rest. Motivation and positive thinking will draw people towards you.

Open your mind to possibilities. Have you ever been so stubborn that you may have missed an outstanding opportunity?

Have you ever heard it said, “When one door closes another one opens?” Well sometimes we get so fixated on what we want (behind the closed door) that we never turn to look in the other direction to see what door may have opened and what opportunities may lie ahead.

I have a saying that I often refer to and I have it posted next to me on my office wall, it says, “May today there be peace within you. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”

If you relax your mind and work diligently to remove the negative thinking from your life you will be removing much of the stress in your life that you are unknowingly placing upon yourself.

With every negative thought that you have, stop yourself and look at the contrasting positive side. After practicing positive thinking you will start seeing the positive before ever contemplating any negative features.

Seek to not think about a problem but to think of the solutions.

Reassess your beliefs to benefit your positive thinking skills.

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