Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness and Stress are directly linked to one another. Fitness is the overall result of regular exercise, proper nutrition, and rest.

When all of these functions are working in harmony within the body, the body’s ability to perform efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities are at their peek performance.

physical fitness riding a bike

Physical exercise is bodily activity that develops or maintains the individuals fitness and overall health. It is often practiced to strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system, as well as to hone athletic skills.

When you take into consideration physical fitness you immediately associate exercise with the release of endorphins that are neurotransmitters that reduce pain and anxiety, enhance the immune system and retard the aging process.

Endorphins are released in response to pain, stress, sexual activity and exercise.

Frequent and regular physical exercise and the release of endorphins is known to help lower blood pressure and prevent diseases such as heart disease cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It also improves mental health and helps prevent depression.

Endorphin production is the so-called "runner's high", which is said to occur when strenuous exercise takes a person over a threshold that activates endorphin production.

These endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult.

Just as mental health contributes to your fitness and helps you ward off stress, so does your overall physical fitness.

Exercise is a stress reduction technique no matter what the activity— this will provide you with a means of releasing built-up tension.

You may be interested in joining a softball team, or, if this is too physically strenuous, taking a brisk walk may be more your style.

physical fitness workout at home

You might consider visiting a gym or
setting up some fitness equipment
in the privacy of your own home.

physical fitness workout at the gym
If you work out using exercise equipment you may find it more enjoyable to purchase a small DVD player to watch one of your favorite movies as you work out. As long as you are active on a daily basis (or at the very least every other day), you will be providing your body with the physical fitness nourishment needed to create balance within your mind and body.

Make exercise an activity that you enjoy doing and alternate your activities to avoid getting bored. Some fun and entertaining stress reduction exercises are listed below.

physical fitness aerobics workout

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Exercise DVD’s to dance
  • Biking
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Skating (ice or roller)
  • Jogging
  • Tennis
  • Kick boxing
  • Aerobics
  • Weight lifting
  • Water aerobics
  • Punching bag (human targets not an option)
  • Household chores and working in the yard.
  • It also counts when you vacuum, mop, rake leaves, weed, or shovel snow.

    Here's one of my greatest secrets and how I combine relaxation and exercise all in one step.

    Today’s working environments are more and more sensing the need of different kinds of fitness activity to enhance productivity and reduce job stress.

    Some of the larger corporations house their own fitness gym for their employees.

    Physical fitness increases productivity by breaking the repetitiveness and re-energizing your thoughts.

    Physical Fitness walk at lunch time Taking a brisk walk after lunch prevents you from feeling sluggish and tired in the afternoon and the fresh air is a great mood elevator. Always remember to take in deep breaths.

    This is how we exercise our lungs, building them toward optimum performance. The lungs become more proficient at the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This technique may seem easy, but the results are effective and necessary to activate the stress-release mechanisms.

    Keep a pair of walking shoes stashed at work—under your desk, in your locker, or wherever is easiest to get to—so that when you want to reduce job stress you can slip them on and take a nice brisk walk.


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