Panic Anxiety Disorder

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Panic anxiety disorder has devastating physical symptoms of anxiety attacks that arrive unforeseen to the victim.

Relaxation breathing is one of the most accessible techniques to put into use when coping with anxiety.

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The exact causes of panic anxiety disorder are still unknown. Due to the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks the focus of speculation for cause is placed on such occurrences that may be formed from a physical illness, major stress, traumatic event, brain chemistry imbalances or possibly certain medication reactions. To date there is no solid factual evidence that points to a precise cause.

These attacks last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to an hour but the goal is to use relaxation breathing and other forms of relaxation techniques to either eliminate or decrease and reverse the attacks in as little time as possible. A daily regimen of practicing relaxation techniques should remain in place even though there have not been any recent attacks.

Panic anxiety disorder may cause the victim to suffer from heart palpitations, chest pains, nausea or shortness of breath. Coping with anxiety that creates an intense fear of this nature can cause the individual to magnify the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks leading to a false conclusion of feeling as if they are in imminent danger of death such as a heart attack or stroke.

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It is imperative that persons who suffer from this disorder learn the importance of relaxation breathing. When our blood vessels are narrow, less oxygen enters our cells. With practice, deep breathing will allow us to open the vessels and increase this oxygen flow. During a panic attack the use of relaxation breathing should start to counteract the attack and the body should begin its attempt to self-regulate.

Since persons suffering from panic anxiety disorder never know when they are going to experience an attack this can create ongoing depressions and possible seclusion as they fear being embarrassed in public if one of these attacks should occur.


If you have been coping with anxiety and may have experienced physical symptoms of anxiety attacks and do not immediately go to the emergency room or seek medical help it is important to do so. Due to the symptoms, it is crucial to rule out any more serious illness. After speaking to your primary health physician he/she may refer you to a psychiatrist for further assessment and to determine the treatment that would most suit you.

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First and foremost certain techniques in relaxation are a must so that you can keep any future attacks from occurring or minimize their effect. You may be introduced to a number of these techniques such as relaxation breathing, visualization relaxation, meditation, yoga, progressive relaxation and aromatherapy healing.

Depending on intensity there are certain anti-anxiety drugs that help while coping with anxiety that may be prescribed if attacks persist as well as cognitive behavioral therapy which deals with the altering of perceptions to ultimately change ones reactions to stressful situations.


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