Negative Thoughts
How can they destroy my Life?

What are you thinking today?

Do you let your negative thoughts control your life?

How we view the world around us is what makes our day good or bad, our relationships strong or weak, our decisions smart or dim-witted, or our moods happy or sad.

You see - everything hinges on our beliefs & feelings.

Negative thoughts are destructive and sometimes – not even knowing it – we let them fester and wreak havoc in our lives.

If you’re not sure of what negative thoughts you may be having – because you are not focusing on these patterns – take a day and become really aware of what you are thinking. Every time you have a negative thought make a mental note of it or better yet, if you have the time, write it in a little notebook just for a day.

Becoming more self aware will allow you to monitor your patterns and change direction – you can go from failure to success, from depression to happiness. Any area in your life where you now feel turmoil can be redirected.

Destructive thoughts and emotions are numerous. What gives a thought power is the energy surrounding it. How much energy you give it depends on many different things such as your past experiences, your beliefs, and even your overall emotional state at any given moment.

A good sign to indicate you’re not in control of your thoughts is if you notice a feeling of stress, frustration, anger, annoyance, fear, hurt, tension, or helplessness. These are negative emotions that are being caused by these destructive thoughts.

Your thoughts may have started with such statements you’ve made in your mind such as, I’m not good enough, I’m stupid, I’m unattractive, The worst always happens, I mess up everything I attempt, I’m a disappointment, I don’t deserve attention or respect, Life is a struggle and so on.

Each negative thought holds its own secret as to why you think it. Something has triggered you to go from positive to negative, happy to discontent. What was that thought? Why do you think this?

For example - When we have been hurt by someone in our past, we can place barriers all around us for protection, we are fearful of forgiving and letting go. In doing this you successfully molded the past and the future into one so that you are always living in the past.

But ask yourself this, "What proof do I have that this belief is true? Is there any logical/rational basis to my thoughts or could I be mistaken by holding on to it?"

Focus on what pulls you into a negative mood and change that belief.

Don’t let others around you take control of your emotions. If someone says something negative about you – don’t dwell on it. Understand that not everyone will like you – that’s a fact. Some will like you but then not approve of something you do or how you act – you’re not perfect – neither are they. But don’t let their words or actions control your emotions, stay true to yourself.

Is there anything that you hold in your thoughts that you have not forgiven yourself for? Do it now – let it go.

Do you have grudges against others that you have not forgiven? What are you waiting for – not letting go is only giving them control over your emotions.

(Philippians 4:8) says Whatever is True, whatever is Honest, whatever is Just, whatever is Pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy - Think on these things.

It’s time to stand up and take back your power. Focus and destroy those negative thinking patterns that bring you down and start heading towards positive thinking that heals and strengthens you.

Become aware of your thoughts.
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    When tapping into the power of positive thinking, the most important step is to create a mindset that allows you to think positively. Once you have pulled the weeds from your mental garden, you can begin to sow the seeds that will anchor your new way of life.

    Creating a positive mindset takes training. In much the same manner as runners train their bodies to endure long periods of sustained activity, you can train your mind to sustain positive thought, and naturally defer to pleasant or optimistic paths.

    At first, thinking positively may feel awkward or ridiculous (particularly if you’re the type of person who believes perky morning people should be shot). Keep in mind, though, that it does get easier the more you do it, and eventually, sustaining a positive mindset will be as natural as breathing.

    Like any training program, there are steps you can follow to achieve your optimal results: in this case, a positive mental outlook. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Therefore, you should perform each change for at least 21 consecutive days.

    When you think about it, it’s obvious: negative is the opposite of positive, so in order to instill a positive mindset you need to get rid of negative thoughts. Sounds simple enough, right? The process is an easy one, but it takes practice to make it stick.

    One step in clearing negativity from your mind is to really pay attention to your thoughts. Whenever the words can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t, not, or never enter your mind, concentrate on what you’re thinking and turn it around to eliminate the negative wording.

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