Natural Sleep Remedies

Do you have Chronic Insomnia ?
Well, this is my story and the solutions I found while searching for natural sleep remedies.

I have suffered with chronic insomnia for many years and I understood that this could be a permanent battle throughout my life.

I have used many natural sleep aids over the counter which guarantee to help you get a better nights sleep but none of these have ever held up to their promise.

Natural Sleep Remedies can't sleep at all
I needed a natural sleep remedy that would not only work but be a permanent fix. My personal physician prescribed me a medication to help me relax my mind and drift off to sleep but this had so many negative side effects plus I didn't like putting these drugs in my body not knowing what the domino effects were going to be. Also, medication is not prescribed as a constant and ongoing treatment due to its possible dependency.

A few years ago I stumbled upon my saving grace and I must say that using a natural sleep remedy for me is much preferred over any medications. I have got a much better handle over my sleeping patterns and have learned how to sleep better and wake up with energy which has been a total blessing.

My two main problems were shutting my mind off so that I could drift off to sleep and then after hours of fighting to get to sleep I would awake within 2-3 hours and not be able to fall back to sleep.

Once I woke, my mind shifted straight into overdrive and I would be jumping from one thought to the next and making lists in my head of what I needed to get done.

Being a dedicated insomniac I was afraid I would forget these thoughts by morning so after laying there and tormenting myself for awhile I would finally get up to write them down. Once up, I’d think “Well it’s so peaceful now, let me just do this…..” Needless to say, I was up to stay.

I searched through books and magazines looking for ideas of natural sleep aids and natural sleep remedies that would help me identify ways of how to sleep better.

In stress management I preach of relaxing the mind and the body will follow suit. I am also aware that music calms the mind and overrides the chatter that won’t quiet. When I meditate I listen to my classical music in the background to keep my mind focused, on Sunday afternoons as I putter in the house I relax by listening to my CD’s of nature sounds with running streams and chirping birds, while I am at the office I listen to the relaxing sounds of piano and flute.

I found it very difficult to locate any reference to natural sleep remedies or natural sleep aids directed towards sufferers of insomnia.

So with the knowledge that soothing music can crowd out the numerous thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head I thought I found a way of how to sleep better. I placed a CD player on my bed stand with soft headphones and a couple of my relaxing tapes. When I curled up in bed at night I would slip the headphones on, turn on the CD and relax while I listened to the calming sounds.

It was a little difficult to get used to not moving so much with the headphones because I always refer to myself as a rotisserie at night. I lay on my stomach then turn to my side then lay on my back and then on my other side… back to my stomach and start over again…. all night !

Natural Sleep Remedies for insomnia

Needless to say as you probably already guessed my brilliant idea did not work as I had thought.

I kept getting tangled up in my headphone wires, they kept falling off and then they got just plain uncomfortable to deal with. I had given up on finding any natural sleep remedies after this ordeal.

It was just a few months later that I found my saving grace. Of course you know once you give up looking is when you will find what you are looking for. I was so close but I never could have done this on my own.

I found a natural sleep remedy that couldn't have been more perfect for me.

Pillowsonic Digital Stereo Pillow Speaker

Yes… a pillow speaker !!! I was so excited. I read everything over and found that all I still needed was my small CD player put back on my night stand. The pillow speaker plugged in right where the headphones did. My lingering question was, “Will I be able to hear through the pillow”?

I ordered my pillow speakers and they arrived that next week.

That night I popped a CD in the player and slid the speakers inside the bottom opening of the pillowcase. I hit the play button, crawled under the covers and lying on my stomach snuggled my head up on the pillow.

I could not believe my ears! The sound drifted through the pillow and surrounded my whole head. When I closed my eyes it automatically transported me to another world. The soothing sounds prompted visualizations that sent me floating on clouds, walking on beaches with the breeze blowing my long silk negligee (also a visualization), walking though fields of flowers and just laying on my back and staring at the sky. What other natural sleep remedies could anyone find that could beat this!

Natural Sleep Remedies comfort
I woke up a couple of hours later only to remember I must had fallen to sleep by the third or fourth selection of music on the CD. I reached over to my bed stand and hit the play button and again curled up to drift off to other worlds. In the morning I new I had found my answer to my prayers. This was a totally natural relaxation; it was comfortable for me and did not interrupt my husbands sleep.

I also knew that by just hitting the play button again through the night when I awoke it would drift me back to a healthy nights sleep. I woke up feeling totally rejuvenated and full of energy.

So with all that said I must tell you I will always recommend and stand behind this product. If you’ve ever have problems falling asleep this may be your answer.

Just click the link below to check them out!

Pillow Speakers

The second natural sleep remedy I found was essential oils. This took a lot of research to find a company that makes SAFE essential oils, but I did it! I can diffuse these while I curl up and listen to my music..... ahhhhhhh Heaven!

Because it is so important that you understand what essential oils are in case you would like to try this option and why most of them are not safe, I have dedicated many other pages to this topic. Then, by request I made it even easier for you by placing a recording of my Essential Oils 101 Class at this link. I know it's nice to just rest your eyes and kick back to listen rather than read. So if you are interested in learning more about essential oils check out the audio.

Your health determines the length of your life - your sleep determines your health. Relax and enjoy your newfound energy and watch the younger glowing skin come back into your life as sleep stimulates and regenerates your body to revitalize your skin cells and reduce the dark circles. Look great, feel great and start living your life to the fullest once again using natural sleep aids not medication.


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