Mind Control Techniques

Mind Control Techniques are used with many different practices such as Yoga, Meditations, Thought Control and Self-Hypnosis each of these are listed below with a brief description and link for further information.

Mind Control Techniques yoga

Yoga - The purpose is to achieve both physical and spiritual well-being this activity allows the individual to bring closer or unite the soul and the cosmos through a state of self-realization. There are many different interpretations that are practiced, each being similar and with the same goals but some being more in depth or an expansion of their counterpart.

Mind Control Techniques meditation

Meditation - The object of meditation is to make your mind a blank slate and clear all those congested thoughts then your mind is able to view situations from new perspectives. For the purpose of creating balance in your life it is very useful. This form of relaxation allows you to give your mind the needed break in thoughts so that you can quite your mind and feel revitalized in about a twenty minute time frame.

Guided Imagery - Guided imagery meditation is a form of mind control that can allow a person to retreat from his/her surroundings and gain control over their thought process. This may be to deal with a stressful situation, to modify their own behavior or reaction to a situation or to create focus in attaining certain goals they wish to achieve.

Mind Control Techniques brain

Thought Control - Our minds are very powerful. Thought control techniques are a process and a skill that can be developed which allows us to alter our perception of a particular situation at any given moment. We have the ability, just by implanting a certain thought in our mind, to feel the emotions that are associated with that thought. Once you understand the process you can train your mind to respond in a controlled manner of your choice, depending on what seed you plant.

Mind Control Techniques

Self-Hypnosis - Self-hypnosis (or auto suggestion) is a mind control technique in which a person hypnotizes himself or herself without the assistance of another person to serve as the hypnotist — this is a staple of hypnotherapy-related self-help programs. This procedure induces trance states and the use of therapeutic suggestion. The therapeutic use in medicine was accepted in 1955 by the British Medical Association, which was closely followed in 1958 by the American Medical Association.

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