Mental Stress caused by Verbal Abuse

You may be experiencing mental stress by someone who uses verbal abuse, humiliation and/or intimidation to try to control you.

This person can gain control using scare tactics and domination. Verbal abuse can break your confidence destroy your willpower and dwindle your self esteem to the point that you feel you are worthless to anyone accept for the attacker.

The attacker (or person who is controlling you) will have you believe that there isn’t anyone else who would have you, let alone want you. They actually draw power from your weakness. The smaller you feel the larger and stronger they become.

These attackers of mental abuse usually follow similar patterns. They are displaying a pattern of behavior that has been shown to them over the years by someone they have had a bond or closeness to, someone they have looked up to who in turn humiliated them or someone they considered a mentor. Most are lashing out at life by misdirecting their frustrations through another.

Mental illness is yet another common factor, with many abusers suffering with personality disorders or other severe forms of mental illness. When alcohol is thrown in the mix this can escalate to physical force and can place you in a very dangerous situation. Your abuser knows that they will lose control over you if you associate with others so they may become very demanding of your time.

Many of these individuals were themselves victims of abuse. Mental abuse when you are young is one of the strongest forms of mental stress especially in impressionable years when self esteem is being developed.

Other unforeseen circumstances that place families under extraordinary stress for instance, poverty, divorce, sickness, disability, lack of parental skills and drugs are often associated to child maltreatment.

If your parents only verbally recognized you any time that you did something they were not pleased with then they were limiting your development and growth of your self esteem. You may have been repeatedly told things such as you were stupid, ugly, fat, or worthless, that you would end up going nowhere and become nothing no matter what you did with your life.

When continuously being told these things year after year over and over you come to believe and accept these flaws in yourself as true.

They must be correct since you have tried everything to make things better, to do things right yet nothing worked and nothing changed.

When not given the self esteem needed to create proper balance you will eventually form an unhealthy image of yourself.

Right? So What happens then?

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