Learning to Move Forward
from Mental Abuse

There will come a point in your life when mental abuse reaches a breaking point and moving forward has to occur in order to experience life and all that it has to offer you.

Strength will overcome fear of the unknown.

We will learn to think for ourselves and will not let others continue to think for us.

When you reach this point in your life where you want to place all of these insecurities behind you changing your perception will be the key that allows you to accept the experiences that you have had and then choose to move forward with a new and more accurate assessment of what life has to offer you.

"Life is what you make it...
always has been...always will be..."

mental abuse
First is the acceptance of the mental abuse. You may have over the years learned to rationalize or make excuses for your abusers as to why they treated you as they did, you may have even placed the blame on yourself.

By facing the facts it is now time to accept that you were mentally abused, how you were abused and also accept the fact that this left wounds that need to be healed emotionally.

You need to forgive to let go of all of those negative emotions of betrayal or hatred, you can’t carry this baggage with you into the future.

You need to accept the pain knowing that you are going to feel it with all of your heart and then place it behind you so that you can advance forward with your life, but the acceptance of the pain, forgiveness, and the acknowledgment that you are now the one who is in control are essential to being able to accomplish this.

When accepting the pain and moving forward you need to take a clear look at where you are currently in your life then evaluate how your past experiences still affect you today.

You will be preparing to create new building blocks that, one by one, will replace the negative or undesirable responses you have learned in your attempts to protect yourself from pain.

Picking out negative aspects of your life is not an easy task but without acknowledging these behaviors you will not be able to change your perception of what prompts these reactions.

mental abuse broken girl

Review how you perceive yourself, how do you relate to others, your relationships, love, and family?

You may see many imperfections that you have developed over the years of mental abuse. All of these imperfections you have developed out of fear.

Fear that you were not good enough fear that nobody could love you; fear that your thoughts were of no importance to anyone else. Every negative imperfection that you note, will lead you back to your fears.

These are the fears that you need to dispel from your thoughts. How to dispel these fears will be to change your perception of what is making you fearful.

Change is never easy. It is always more comfortable to stay within the boundaries of what is familiar rather than step out into the unknown. You will be required to take risks as you unwrap yourself from your safe cocoon and join the world. Mental health practices that are very encouraging to help individuals deal with mental abuse are psychotherapy or psychiatry and may be a choice of therapy to help strengthen your self esteem and build your confidence.

It is also beneficial to overcome any emotional turmoil that you are unable to come to terms with. You exchange conversation with a professional who is able to be objective and offer many alternatives to help you to move through your pain and thus enable you to move forward with your life.

Speak with your family physician who will be able to recommend a reputable specialist to help you.