Quick Fix Meditation Exercise

Practicing short meditation exercises is a great way to break away from the day’s activities to deal with stress. Try this excellent daytime quick fix meditation to calm and rejuvenate you within 10 minutes. If you are in an area where you can use a CD, preferably ocean sounds, this is a great plus.

Sit comfortably and relax.

Let your eyelids drop to a relaxed position or close your eyes.

Take deep breaths, slow breaths. You need to feel your heartbeat start to slow.

Focus on your breathing.

Temporarily erase all of those thoughts that are cluttering your mind. Keep focusing on your breathing until you start to feel calm and relaxed.

Quick Fix Meditation

Now, picture the ocean, with its waves rolling in and breaking at the shoreline, then rushing up the beach over the sand, then being swept back into the sea.

Hold this visualization in your mind’s eye for a few minutes as you watch the waves rush up onto the beach and retreat back to the ocean.. Now shift your focus to the waves offshore.

Keep seeing them reduce in size until you visualize a smooth surface of water.

coping with stress

Picture small ripples appearing and the sun as a soothing reflection off the water.

Hold this visual. Feel the sense of quiet and calm. Once you feel relaxed, bring yourself back to focus on your breathing. Breathe a few slow, deep breaths, exhaling just as slowly.

Open your eyes and return to the place that you’re resting, and then return your thoughts to the present issues.

Use this quick fix as often as you can during the day to relax and keep your thoughts on a positive track. Remember, by relaxing your mind your body will follow suit and you will have a much more successful and happy day.

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