Massage with Aromatherapy

Massage with Aromatherapy is a relaxing and healing treatment that can be done with your partner in a home setting.

Massage is an effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. A massage using essential oils combines the balancing properties of the oils with the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of touch.

massage with aromatherapy essentail oils

Essential Oils have a powerful therapeutic affect and can also relieve stress, delight the senses, and lift the spirits.

Discover how to combine massage with essential oils for emotional and physical health and well-being. Learn how to use and blend oils, and find out how to use oils for health and beauty.

massage with aromatherapy  relaxation

If you are stressed, out of balance, or simply wanting to lift your spirits and enjoy the fragrances of essential oils, massage therapy will show you how to unwind.

There is nothing more relaxing or therapeutic than a deep massage. With stress escalating, massage is currently available everywhere from airports to workers' cubicles.

Sharing massage between you and your partner offers the pleasure to give and receive.

This can bring special feelings of satisfaction, connection and closeness with another. Even preparing for the experience can stir excitement, as you set the mood and select fragrant oils.

For a choice of techniques I would recommend the book The Mind and Body Massage: The Guide to Ultimate Relaxation Uniting Massage, Music and Aroma Therapies this combines all three forms of stimulus including therapeutic massage, music and aromatherapies. Adjust your touch to make it loving, erotic, stimulating, or even playful. Massage is a proven non-drug method for reducing stress and promoting relaxation

massage with aromatherapy massage couples

Discover the physical and mental benefits of massages.

Treat your partner to a 20-minute relaxing massage, or indulge in a longer, more stimulating massage where senses become heightened, and your bodies make full contact. This massage is most beneficial if you can drift off to sleep relaxed after the massage and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whatever the pleasure relax, de-stress and most of all enjoy.


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