Signs and symptoms of the mania side of bipolar disorder include persistent feelings such as:

  • Grandiosity – Individuals may feel indestructible and carry an inflated ego which, could trigger reckless behavior where they may take risks that they normally would not.

    They may come across as being overconfident and self-opinionated. This may appear as a negative attribute to others as being conceited or snobbish.

  • Appetite – Overeating may become a problem both due to the hyper status and active physical
    state as well as the
    need for Less sleep.

    Less sleep is also linked to weight gain due to the number of hours of wakefulness versus the cycles of eating pattern.

  • Hyperactive – The individual will feel restless and full of energy. This person may always have a list of tasks to accomplish and without activity will be fidgety and may become impatient, agitated and appear nervous or troubled.
  • Sleep – The individual may require much less sleep than normal. They may have trouble falling asleep or after a few hours of sleep they may wake feeling full of energy and unable to return to sleep .

  • Impulsiveness - This disorder may cause impulsive behavior. Since the individual is in such a euphoric state of mind coupled with hyperactivity and inflated ego this may cause impulsive reactions to occur.

    This sometimes shows itself by shopping sprees or spur of the moment trips.

  • Racing mind – Because of the hyper state in this stage of bipolar disorder the mind is overactive.

    This may contribute to a lack of sleep or insomnia if the individual cannot quiet their mind long enough to relax and induce sleep.

    The individual may have too many thoughts racing at one time that could cause confusion and/or the inability to concentrate.

  • Speech – Due to the racing mind and the abundance of thoughts the person may be much more talkative than usual and talk at a faster pace.
  • Attention span – Their attention span can be short and they could be easily distracted. This can cause the individual to have many tasks going at one time jumping from one to the other.

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