Lose Weight Fast

How To Amplify Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast

We've all heard it or even said it one time or another: "I can't lose weight because of my metabolism." It is easy to blame our unwanted weight on an abstract idea like metabolism, but let's look at the real importance of metabolism - and better yet, how to get the most "burn" for your buck by recharging your metabolism.

In the most basic sense, metabolism includes each of the chemical and physical changes that take place within the body's cells. Most often, however, metabolism refers to the process in which the body gets and uses energy from food, so it really does have an important function if you want to lose weight fast.

Not everyone has the same metabolism, and our rates actually change over the course of our lives, so someone who blames their metabolism is not necessarily making excuses. Age affects metabolism, which will slow about 5% every 10 years after age 40, and by sex, as males usually burn more calories at rest than females, and by the amount of muscle mass you have (more muscle generally means a higher rate of metabolism). Our genes also influences metabolism, not to mention having children, as well as whether a woman chooses to breast-feed.

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Despite all of the wild cards, the fact is that when your calorie intake surpasses your metabolism, surplus energy will get housed in the body as fat and this makes it difficult to lose weight fast. Though many of the factors affecting metabolic rate cannot be altered, fortunately, there are ways to rev up the metabolism you're born with.

The first tenet is to take in the correct foods in the right amounts. When you omit a meal, your body switches to starvation mode, which slows metabolism to conserve calories, because it doesn't know when it will be fed again. And when the metabolism slows, so does the rate at which you lose weight.

When you finally do eat food after skipping a meal, instead of using the calories in the food you have just had, your body converts them to body fat to store for the next "fast." To keep your metabolism efficient and lose weight fast, eat 4 - 6 small meals spread evenly throughout the day and aim to eat close to the same times every day. Most importantly, never skip a meal.

Lose Weight Fast  work our

Lose Weight Fast

You can also step up your metabolic rate with exercise, including both aerobic routines and weight training. Aerobic activities, such as running, biking and dancing, use more calories in the short term, while weight training will build more muscle, which improves metabolism and burns more calories in the long term - even when you're at rest, muscle requires more calories to function than fat.

In fact, every pound of muscle uses 35 calories per day, while every pound of fat uses only 2 calories per day. Despite this, you might be surprised that the more weight you have, the faster your metabolism is likely to run which will help you lose weight fast. Simply put, the extra weight forces your body work harder to maintain its processes.

This is partly why it's almost always easiest to lose weight when you start dieting, and becomes harder as you go along because, if you are significantly overweight, your metabolism is already at an elevated rate, so that even a minor cutback in calories will give you an immediate weight loss.

But what happens after that immediate loss, when a plateau occurs and motivation seems to go by the "weigh" side? Old cravings and compulsions can suddenly come back, and when they do, do not ignore a valuable resource – lose weight self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can actually retrain your unconscious mind so that, in essence, you can do away with food cravings. When we look at why we snack, recognizing why weight loss hypnosis works so well becomes clear.

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For many of people, snacking has become a habit - perhaps you do it automatically when you're driving or watching TV or when you are under stress. Hypnosis can actually reprogram your thoughts to stop those associations, leaving you to drive or watch TV without feeling the need to eat.

One of the most successful lose weight hypnosis methods for curbing the snacking cycle is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, which relies on working with the unconscious mind and getting it to use the same thought processes that is creating your appetite, to eliminate your appetite and ensure that you lose weight fast. NLP entails many years of study and practical experience for a hypnotherapist to learn and master, but positive results can come very quickly and seem almost magical to a person who has always suffered from cravings.

NLP can be just as vital as exercise and motivation because, as you learned above, it can help ensure that you eat the proper kinds of foods at the right times, and this is a key part of turbo-charging your metabolism. If you aim to keep your metabolism at full speed and ensure that all of hard work and exercise aren't going to waste by surrendering to your food temptations, weight loss hypnosis and NLP can be a secret weapon to eliminate your cravings altogether.

Alan B. Densky, CH has worked with clients for appetite suppression and weight loss since 1978. Visit his hypnosis & NLP website to enjoy his Free self-hypnosis videos, or learn about his effective hypnotism for weight loss CDs or his effective video lose weight through hypnosis DVDs.

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