Living Together

After taking your vows to Love, Honor, and Cherish, living together is a commitment to share your life with another and this means you will commit to working through the minor fluctuations that relationships go through now and again.

Here are a few tips to reduce stress and keep happiness in the forefront.

living together share your life

  • Communicate – Communication is an important issue when you spend little time crossing paths due to your separate responsibilities.

    Take an evening to yourselves. Plan on just the two of you taking an evening away together at least once a week.

    When you are living together and life is busy, talking for hours as you use to do seems to take a back burner. Make the time to share and create more memories.

    living together walking with each other in autumn

    A walk on the beach or on a nature trail, dinner at a quaint little restaurant or maybe just going to a favorite spot to watch the sunset.

    This will give you the alone time without any distractions where you can simply focus on each other.

  • Support - Partners are very strong support resources. Once you form a partnership with someone, that person becomes the strongest resource for personal growth.

    You depend on that person’s honesty, but most importantly you depend on his or her faith in you. When someone has faith in you, it serves as a catapult to encourage you to move forward and to remind you of the strengths that you possess but sometimes lose sight of.

    Everyone needs encouragement and compliments on a regular basis. You form a team when you decide to share your life with another. The strongest part of this team is the support system

    Although you usually branch out to follow the separate paths in life that are set in front of you. Each day you retreat back to your partner for rejuvenation, love, and, of course, support.

  • Memories – Living together means that you have advanced to the next stage in any relationship when the relationship has become a serious commitment.

    Its important that you never lose sight of the memories that you created when you first met, this is a sure fire way of igniting the fires again.

    Go back to places that you visited when you were dating. It may be somewhere that you visited a lot and just grew out of as you changed the direction of your relationship.

    At the beginning of a relationship we were apt to feel more carefree and relaxed. There was no stress in the relationship, life was full of excitement. Those are the feelings you need to keep alive in your heart and mind and the way to do that is to revisit those memories in time.

  • Hobbies – It is especially helpful to have a mutual interest in some category of hobby.

    living together and sharing hobbies This could be bowling, jogging, physical fitness where you can work out together at the gym, gardening or something along the same lines that you both can share together.

    Living together, playing together, means staying together.

    If you don’t have a mutual interest currently this is a great conversation piece. What activity can we partake in together? There is a variety of hobbies you just need to agree on something that you both enjoy and will look forward to doing collectively.

  • living together romance

  • Romance - If you don’t feel like going out for an evening another option may be to make a nice dinner at home. Include candle light and maybe a little wine (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). This will offer the time to focus on each other. Later in the evening after dinner maybe you can plan on popping some popcorn and watching a movie. Sit next to each other and merely enjoy being together.

  • Children – Spend quality time with the children. If you are living together and have children this is a very large part of your life together and an important part to share with each other.

    living together holding childs hand

    You have brought these beautiful beings into this world out of love and now they look to you to show them the way. Talk to them about challenges that they face and the daily issues they deal with.

    Give them the emotional support they crave. Be together and present at school functions and activities. Children are a very important part of the future of our planet. They will use the people closest to them as their role models, let this be you.

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