Life After Death?

Can the dead still communicate to us?

Life after death can only be answered by your beliefs. There is no way to tell for certain we can only rely on near death experiences and what these individuals tell us occurred as they were between this world and the next and what they say they have seen.

I believe one thing when it comes to life after death… attachment to a loved one will continue after their death. I believe that love is the factor of continued communication through our minds and thoughts.

As human beings we tend to form strong bonds with loved ones and this contributes to the ability to feel their presence, to hear their words, or to smell a scent that reminds us of the individual after their passing.

For instance, before my passing I can say to my son, “Always listen for my words and I will be there to guide you.” When I am no longer in this world, if my son should ever need me he knows that if he focuses and listens for my words he will hear them.

Not so much a spooky whisper but by him being so close to me and knowing my expectations, beliefs, ethics, and values he will in the quietness of his own mind and in his thoughts hear the words he knows that I would say to him if I was still present in this material world.

There will be smells that he will run into that will bring his memories back to me and it will be as if I am there with him.

Whenever, out of the blue, I smell a scent from my grandmothers house I believe at that point she is there looking over me. I can feel her presence because the sense of smell has brought her directly to me.

Beliefs give you strength

Just as I believe that when only my spirit and soul exists I will be able to still look over my son and be there when he needs me.

Through his thoughts and memories I will be able to give him peace when he is sad, give him encouragement when he doubts his own strengths.

I hope that he will look to me with a smile when he knows I am busting with pride over his decisions and accomplishments. In these respects,life after death - I believe does exsist.

I Believe


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