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What is Hypnosis
Learn Hypnosis
By Mark Tyrrell

Get your first course lesson now, with audio and worksheet downloads and enter a fascinating new world of hypnotic influence.

Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days by completing a professionally created course that introduces you to these thought changing practices. You will instantly receive the first lesson of the free hypnosis course and the current issue of 'Inspired Minds'.

Our minds are split between conscious and subconscious thought patterns that we can expand to become very powerful. We tend to limit ourselves when we don’t stretch to excel in all that we do. We further limit ourselves by letting our thoughts and our fears stop us from stepping out of our comfort zones.

Not all self improvement changes are of a negative nature. When you need to enhance your communication skills, become more motivated with inspiration or simply learn to relax and quiet your mind these are also behaviors that can be addressed using these procedures. Psychiatrists and psychologists use methods of hypnosis to get positive results in many areas of behavior modification.

Free hypnosis training course

After you receive your first lesson you will get your course installments every 2 days, to give you time to listen to the mp3 audio files, download your training worksheets and complete the exercises. Once a month in Inspired Minds, you will get information on your learned techniques, and free 'Audio Insights' - mp3 downloads on hypnosis and psychology that will open your eyes about human behavior and the way we work.

This free course was created by Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott, professional hypnotherapist trainers since 1995.

The strongest self improvement strategies are mind altering. You may need help with lifestyle changes by breaking bad habits, losing weight, managing pain or incorporating stress management tools into your life.

You can even learn to stop worrying and start relaxing. There is nothing that is impossible when you put your mind in agreement with your body.

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