Inner Peace

Inner Peace freedom

Inner peace is something only you can give yourself.
It’s nothing you can buy;
it’s nothing that you can get from anyone else.

It will reflect your character, it will be the basis of your morals and values that you hold dear to you.

When you are looking for an answer you may take outside variables into consideration but you will then look within to determine your final actions.

Listening is the source of finding peace and knowing that you are on the correct path.

The Voices Within

We all have voices in our head that we listen to. There is a tiny voice and there is a big voice. Sometimes you listen to the little voice and sometimes you listen to the big voice and sometimes you don’t listen at all.

Maybe you weren’t sure what voice to listen to. Chances are that you should have listened to the smaller voice.

There is a difference between the big voice and the little voice and this is the first step to understanding.

When God created us he placed that little voice in us hoping it would drown out the big voice as we matured, learned and carried on our life. It is a little piece of him inside of us, God’s will, that guides us through our lifetime and contributes to our inner peace.

Inner Peace warmth If you can make that voice grow you will always find yourself on the right path. The big voice that is very hard to drown out is called your ego. Your ego has a very close friend called Id and Id is always out for self gratification and pleasure.

To understand this to the fullest here is a short story that will leave you with full understanding of inner peace and the voices within.

There was a boy who wanted to buy a particular stereo system. As it was he was barley able to make ends meet while paying his own living expenses.

One day he was lucky in a drawing that awarded him $2,000 dollars. This was just enough money to buy the whole system that he wanted and he couldn’t wait to get out the door to buy it.

As he opened his door and ran out he scared a small kitten lying in his grass. The kitten was skin and bones, hair matted and although startled did not have the strength to run. He just wobbled back and forth as he tried to stand up.

The boy picked up the kitten knowing there was a vet on his way. He thought he would at least drop off the kitten so the vet could put him out of his misery.

The little voice inside him was squirming and saying that this fragile life wants love, warmth and to live.

The big voice was saying this is going to cost you hundreds at the vet if you give the kitten life and that will certainly set you back on getting that stereo that would be the envy of your friends.

The little voice says let’s just go and talk with the vet and see what he’ll charge, we can always get a less expensive stereo.

Although the big voice was so strong the little voice won because the boy had connected with his inner peace as the little life that was held in the boys hand became more important.

Sometimes that little voice is not easy to recognize. Also, when the ego and his friend, 'Id' catch on to the fact that their losing out a lot they may try to disguise themselves as a little voice, anything to trick you. Inner peace can be recognized when you feel good about the choices that you make.

There are three basic words you learned for safety when you were little. Now they can really help you out at this juncture in your life. They are Stop, Look and Listen.

That boy with the kitten took the time to Stop. He could have just jumped into his vehicle and driven off thinking the kitten wasn’t his nor was it his problem.

When he would return the kitten would be gone. Stopping gave him the time he needed to Look within. He could have had the kitten put to sleep and buy his stereo, or pay the vet and get a less expensive stereo.

By Stopping and Looking he had reached the most vital step in his growth. He Listened to the little voice. He could decipher which voice to listen to and although he had to take a loss at getting that great stereo he now has a kitten that will forever show love and gratitude. He doesn’t need friends to envy him that was only his ego wanting center stage.

Learn Meditation techniques
to experience emotional healing
and access your higher self.

Inner peace will always assure that you are following the paths that you are meant to follow. Take the time to Stop, Look, and Listen, the rewards are everlasting.

Voice for Love is where inspiration is offered along with learning and support for how to clearly hear God's Voice in your life, regardless of your faith or religious background.

There are many special people in this world who reach out their hands to try to help another. You have to look for these individuals because they are so far and in between that they must be searched out to find. Once you find them... hold them close to your heart because they are here to help You... they could spend their hours doing many other activities but instead they spend these hours to reach out to help others.


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