Identifying your unhappiness

Identifying your unhappiness and making adjustments in your life will allow you to sweep away all of the cobwebs so that you can not only see but feel the happiness you are depriving yourself of.

Identifying your unhappiness If you seem to experience more sadness, frustration, and dread in your days then you do happy moments then most likely there is something in your life that weighs heavy on your heart and mind.

To identify your unhappiness and release this sadness you must find out what is generating it and make a decision as to how you are going to start changing this area of your life.

You can keep a healthy, harmonious balance in life. Become calmer, stronger, and more energetic. Boost your self esteem and optimism. If you want to be happy, you have to learn to accept facts that you are unable to change.

Be happy for what you have now, for what you possess today, for what you have achieved in your career, family and life. This mind-set may not seem sufficient right now; it may be less than other people around you have achieved, but that is not a good reason for you to feel unhappy.

Identifying your unhappiness... what to do now

Identifying your unhappiness

Take the time now to stop and analyze the larger portions of your life. Are you satisfied when you are at home, when you are at work, with family and friends, with the activities that you participate in, or with the significant other that may be involved in your life?

This is where you will find the area of life that you
will need to place your focus of improvement. After you determine the area of sadness, don't in one swoop eliminate this from your life thinking this will resolve your sadness.

Quick decisions are not thought out decisions and when you act on a whim this can compound the issue you are trying to resolve.

When identify your unhappiness you'll need to break this area into smaller bits to zoom in on what the core of the problem is.

If it is your home life then determine what in your home life exactly is making you unhappy.

If for example while you are identifying your unhappiness you determine that you don't like the physical location of your home, then your focus needs to be on "Where do I want to live"?

Take your time and think about all of the different possibilities. Write them down so you can see every opportunity that is in your mind. See yourself in each one of these scenarios.

When you determine where you truly want to be then make a small goal that will start you headed in that direction.

Don't focus on the whole picture at one time, this will only overwhelm you and then you may give up before you even start. Set reasonable small goals to get you focused in that direction.

One little step forward will start the momentum needed to continue moving forward. While working on taking that first step take the time to contemplate what the next step will be.

After the first step is accomplished focus on
completing the second step and determine what your
third step will be and so on.

Just like the string you form when you are hooking together moments of joy from one moment to the next, you can develop a string of steps to get you where you want to be by stringing one little step to the next and keep moving forward.

Identifying your unhappiness doesn’t mean that change happens immediately and you’re miraculously happy again. It just places your thoughts in that direction so that you can strategize how you want to get there.

Identifying your unhappiness

In the meantime stop rushing through all of the moments in your day. Start stringing all of the other moments of happiness together. ________________________________________________________________