Hypnotic scripts

These hypnotic scripts use advanced, indirect hypnotic language and can be used to help learn hypnosis, or adapted for use with your own clients.

Each script contains pre-hypnotherapy chat, often laden with reframes and therapeutic suggestions followed by the hypnosis script itself. The scripts have been professionally edited and annotated with suggestions for emphasis, timing and rhythm. All the hypnosis scripts are prepared in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and are easily printed out.

Below you will find hundred’s of scripts to choose from and if you don’t see what you are looking for advance to page 2 of hypnotic scripts.

Hypnosis Scripts

Improving You Scripts

Increase Self Confidence

Self Esteem Booster
Social Spontaneity
Ease Shyness
Reduce Blushing
More Assertiveness

Say No and Mean It

Relax with THAT Person

Feel Good About Yourself
Reduce Insecurity

End Negative Thoughts

Relax and Chat
Self Sabotage

Body Beautiful

Other Peoples' Thoughts

Overcome Stage Fright

Hypnohealth Scripts

Eat Healthy
More Motivation to Exercise
Powerful Healing
Stay Off the Cigarettes

Do Away with Migraine
Ease Your Tension Headache

Overcome Bruxism
Quit Smoking Program
Cure Your Hangover
Overcome White Coat Syndrome
Morning Sickness
Caffeine Addiction

Help to Relate Scripts

More Independence
Be More Secure

Relationship Reviver
Relationship Release
Enjoy Dating
Making New Relationships
More Pleasure - Men
Enjoy Sex More - Women
Escape Unrequited Love
Approaching Attractive Men
Date Attractive Women
Be a Flirt
Increase Your Popularity

Developing You Scripts
Beat Interview Nerves
Increase Self Motivation
Fear of Public Speaking
Boost Concentration
Be More Creative
EQ Booster

Attain Your Potential
Get Rid of Procrastination

Work Hard!
Strong Self Belief
Being Best Man
Think Outside the Box
Learn a Language
Get Organized
Think Rich
Decision Making
Self Growth

Hypno-thin Scripts

Think Yourself Thin
Super Weight Loss
Junk TV Eating

Stop Emotional Eating
Eating Bored
Unstuff Yourself
Eat Less Sugar

Cook Healthy
Comfort Eating
Slow Food

Dieting Motivation

Manage Pain Scripts

Long-term Pain
Relief from Pain
Arthritis Pain Relief
Learn Hypnotherapy
Natural Dental Anaesthesia
Glove Anaesthesia
Unconscious Hand Lift

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