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Hypnosis Scripts

Fears Scripts

Ease Rejection Phobia
Beat Agoraphobia
Beat Fear of Confrontation
Don't be Afraid of Failure
Ease Anxiety Attacks
Elevator Phobia
Fear of New Situations
Beat Social Nerves
Phobia of Dentists
Fear & Anxiety
Get Rid of Height Phobia
Driving Test Phobia
Nervousness in Exams

Be Calm Around Spiders

Driving Anxiety
Success Phobia

Beat Snake Fear

Performance Nerves
Sex Nerves
Small Spaces

Scared of Loneliness?

Dying Anxiety

Sporting Performance Scripts

Mental Strength
Quick off the Blocks
Playing Hazards
Golf - First Tee
Putt with Confidence
Perfect Swing

Hypnosis Therapy Scripts
Effective Anger Management

Improve Sexual Confidence
Overcome Excessive Guilt
Psychological Impotence

Healthy Nails
Get Over Childhood
Overcome Fear of Illness

Road Rage

Dry Bed
Lift Insomnia
Cure Writer's Block

Help for Shopaholics
Resist Alcohol Cravings
Fear of Middle Age

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptons
Ease Depression
Don't Gamble
Relax into Sex - Women
Obsessive Thoughts
Shy Bladder

Managing Stress Scripts

Instant Calm
Beat Exhaustion

Relaxation Breathing Technique

Hypnotic Relaxation Scripts

A Healthy Rest
The Four Seasons

Warm Place
The Island
Fall Asleep Fast
Meditate with Hypnosis

Relax and Sleep
Self Hypnosis Fast!
Sleep and Dream
Relax Deeply

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