The Power of the Mind

We all need the positive self talk that hypnosis can deliver when we are feeling low, whether it’s to motivate ourselves, or develop a strong sense of worth, overcome some fears or negative emotions, ease pain or just to learn something new.

Sometimes we get in a rut and can't use our imagination to see outside the box … another way of looking at a situation … a way to overcome a negative behavior or thought.

Self-hypnosis (or auto suggestion) — in which a person hypnotizes himself or herself without the assistance of another person to serve as the hypnotist — is a staple of hypnotherapy-related self-help programs.

This is most often used to help the self-hypnotist stay on a diet, overcome smoking or some other addiction, or to generally boost the person’s self esteem.

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In addition to direct application, there is also indirect application, wherein it is used to facilitate another procedure, such as surgery.

Some people seem more able to display "enhanced functioning", such as the suppression of pain associated with this procedure, while utilizing this approach.

This procedure induces trance states and the use of therapeutic suggestion. The therapeutic use in medicine was accepted in 1955 by the British Medical Association, which was closely followed in 1958 by the American Medical Association.

Research has linked the success of this procedure to the amount of imagination that the individual can create within his mind.

Recent research suggests that highly hypnotizable people have high sensory and perceptual gating abilities that allow them to block some stimuli from awareness (Barnier, McConkey, and Wright, 2004).

There is a common claim that no one can be hypnotized against their will.

Some schools of thought hold that this procedure or treatment as a state is very similar to other states of extreme concentration, where a person becomes oblivious to his or her surroundings while lost in thought.

Often suggested as an example is highway hypnosis, when a driver suddenly finds his or herself much further down the road without any memory of driving the intervening distance.

Use Your Power of Imagination

According to state theorists, the act of hypnotizing, is, in effect, the act of deliberately and mechanically inducing a similar state.

This procedure has also received publicity about its use in Forensics, Sports, Education, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Nicholas Spanos states, "hypnotic procedures influence behavior indirectly by altering subjects' motivations, expectations and interpretations.

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