These lists cover hobbies from relaxing to active all of which are a means not only to reduce stress but also to create balance and harmony within your life. Be sure to choose an activity that you love, this will ensure that you do it often and enjoy the gratification you derive form it.

Relaxing less physical activities:

  • Kite flying
  • horse riding
  • yoga
  • astronomy
  • amateur or Ham radio operator
  • bird watching
  • fishing
  • camping
  • website building or computer
  • beading
  • jewelry making
  • sewing
  • knitting
  • cross-stitch
  • embroidery
  • quilting
  • crochet
  • srcapbooking
  • collage building

Choices that take up a bit of space but are great ideas are:

  • glass blowing
  • candle making
  • leather crafting
  • soap making or stained glass art
Social inclusions that may also be considered:
  • creating a family or friend game night; there are multiple board games plus card games

Model building offers many choices:

  • cars
  • aircrafts
  • ships and rockets
  • Or if you would like to collect trains there is also train tracks and whole cities you can develop in miniature style

For shopping and collecting, some more expensive than others:

hobbies using pencil sketch

  • antiquing
  • collecting artworks
  • crystals
  • minerals
  • seashells
  • or rocks
  • bottles
  • coins
  • stamps
  • comic books

  • hobbies building

    More artistic:

  • Painting
  • drawing
  • writing
  • calligraphy
  • pottery
  • woodworking or carving
  • playing an instrument
  • Somewhat active to very active:

  • Caving
  • hunting
  • hiking
  • gardening
  • swimming
  • rafting
  • sailing
  • water skiing
  • canoeing
  • scuba diving
  • surfing
  • weight lifting
  • rock climbing
  • snow skiing
  • aerobics
  • dancing
  • jogging
  • roller skating
  • ice skating
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • bowling
  • soft ball
  • golf
  • racquetball
  • baseball plus in this same arena, autographs from sports players on baseballs or similar souvenirs

  • I hope this list has been thought provoking and will aid in getting those thoughts pumping and make an idea into your reality. Have fun and above all else relax.


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