Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyes can be maintained by consuming natural foods and balancing important vitamins. Natural intake of foods that provide vitamins to combat cell damage and promote eye health consist of foods higher in vitamins A and E.

Healthy Eyes always eat your carrots

Vitamin A keeps the protective outer covering of your skin healthy including the eyes.

If your mother told you to eat lots of carrots because they were good for your eyes, this is a true statement. So are sweet potatoes, spinach and cantaloupe. These are good fillers to be used as snacks or at dinner to satisfy that gnawing hunger while also promoting eye health. Vitamin E combats what is known as free radicals. This is a harmful substance that causes cell damage and tissue breakdown.

Known for its association with reducing aging effects of the skin vitamin E can also promote eye health. It can be naturally absorbed by eating certain nuts and seeds.

The highest forms of vitamin E are found in Almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, virgin olive oil or hazelnuts. These are great snacks throughout the day or special treats added to your dinner salad.
It’s always advised by many health physicians to take a multiple vitamin as a nutritional supplement.

If you ever single out one vitamin to consume make sure you educate yourself on:

1. How much of this vitamin do you naturally consume through food or the environment? and

2. What are the toxic doses of that particular vitamin and the side effects you may experience? For best results learn what foods are more beneficial for the added bursts of targeted vitamins.

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