Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided imagery meditation is a form of mind control that can allow a person to retreat from his/her surroundings and gain control over their thought process. This may be to deal with a stressful situation, to modify their own behavior or reaction to a situation, to create focus in attaining certain goals they wish to achieve, or simply for relaxation.

Guided Imagery Meditation beach vacation

Our thoughts create pictures in our minds. If you are thinking about a vacation you have taken you can see sites through your minds eye when you think these thoughts.

Guided imagery meditation takes the power of our minds and directs this energy to attain certain results. This form of mind control is used for physical benefits such as with stress reduction and its effects on the body or headache relief, to psychological benefits such as calming a racing mind, enhance relaxation or modify a person’s behavior.

Guided Imagery Meditation

It is best to assume a meditative position. Sit or lay with your arms to your sides and your legs uncrossed. Start by relaxing your mind and body with your breathing technique. Focus on and relax each body part; head, eyes, mouth, neck, arms, hands, shoulders, diaphragm, belly, hips, legs, and feet.

Once your body is relaxed you will start your guided imagery meditation that you choose to use, one of your own or following a voice on a CD.

If you are dealing with a stressful situation, the use of guided imagery meditation is helpful in providing this mind control to reverse the effects of stress.

Let’s say that your body is relaxed from your breathing technique and you have an image in your mind of you walking on soft white sand in front of a large body of water as it rolls into shore to cover your feet with a cool and refreshing sensation, a soft breeze brushes across your body, through your hair and on your face.

Guided Imagery Meditation relaxation

See the colors that you are viewing. You feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin and you are watching the birds scurrying in front of your steps, you can hear the water and some seagulls as they fly over head. You are there. You walk as long as you want and maybe collect some beautiful seashells along the way.

This special place that you have escaped to has an effect on your body as you walk the beach. Your mind is focused, your heartbeat has slowed, your breathing is relaxed, you feel the tranquility of the moments. In turn, rising blood pressure is lowered, pain is dulled, immune system is regulated, adrenaline hormones and stress reactions are reversed and stress levels stabilize.

You can use these techniques in guided imagery meditation to modify your own behavior by changing your perception of a given situation and how you react to that situation by focusing on the desired results you would like to see. You can create focus in attaining certain goals in your career and visualize how you would like to perceive yourself in comparison to someone in the field that you look up to and value their demeanor and problem solving skills.

The positive uses of guided imagery meditation are endless, you can use this to assist with, phobias, lesson panic attacks, lower blood pressure, gain self confidence, help with feelings of depression, use for attaining life goals, grief therapy, reducing headache pain, finding your purpose of life, simple relaxation, problems with sleep disorders, spiritual enhancement, weight reduction, and virtually any specific condition or physical symptom.

This is a safe practice of alternative medicine but should of course never take the place of a physician’s diagnosis.