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Powerful Living with Positive Thinking

The strategies you will find in this book Powerful Living with Positive Thinking will help you modify your thoughts so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that naturally attach themselves to the positive thinker.

Reduce your overall stress
Have more energy
Develop Fulfilling relationships
Obtain Career success
Live a more Healthy lifestyle
Gain confidence in yourself
Experience a better psychological and physical well-being

And much more that you will discover as you read and apply these techniques to alter your perceptions and remove those negative feelings, beliefs, and judgments from your life.

Discover your life’s purpose

Discover your life’s purpose

If you don’t know what your life purpose is you will after reading this short e-book.

What if a life purpose is something you are born with, but you also have full control over how and when you achieve it? What if, with a little introspection and planning, you could move naturally and easily toward your life purpose without feeling like you "have" to do specific things?

Have you ever felt like you were supposed to be doing more with your life? Have you ever yearned to use your natural talents to contribute to the world? Have you ever felt like your current or previous jobs didn't use your talents fully? Do you ever feel like you are wasting time on things that aren't important to you? Do you desire to serve others in a bigger way but don't know how? Has your daily routine become predictable and boring? Do you ever wonder if "this is it"? Do you yearn for greater meaning in your work and other activities?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, you're probably ready to discover greater meaning and purpose in your own life - whether you see it as awakening a pre- destined purpose or choosing one you want.

The Success Mindset

Your career might be going great, but your relationships are lacking. Or you've met the love of your life, but you just can't seem to earn the amount of money that would make you happy. Or everything else is great but you can't seem to lose those last 20 pounds and get into better shape.

It's a maddening position to be in, especially if you don't understand why it's happening. You may think you're doing everything right, but circumstances just won't bend to your will. You constantly run into obstacles, sabotage your own efforts, berate yourself for your 'failures,'- and the struggle continues.

This struggle continues because of one reason, and one reason only: you are focusing your energy and effort in the wrong direction!

So, are you ready to develop the success mindset?

101 Motivational Tips

We all lose motivation at times but for when you do I’ve included a great find of 101 motivational tips that will keep you moving forward and pull you out of the slump.

Dealing with Panic Attacks By: Heather Step

The aim of this book is to empower, you, the reader, to have more choices available to you, when dealing with a panic attack.

I think that panic attacks, like many problems in life, deserve many approaches. The more armor you have to face a situation the better. Then you can truly see what works for you.

I find Emotional Freedom Techniques very effective because they combine both your body (energy) with your mind (positive, self-accepting affirmations). The Cognitive therapy targets your thinking patterns, and that is also important.

Relaxation obviously plays an important role. Since breathing is intimately involved in a panic attack, you will be advised to think about ways you can improve this.

Since you are the person sitting with your fear, you can try as many approaches as you like. See what works.

These 5 Free e-books are a great resource that will influence your life and help with some challenges that you may be facing today. Knowledge is a potent formula for Success and these gifts I can offer to you for FREE plus more tips and techniques to come straight to you on the first of every month.

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√ Break down the barriers of protection that you have created out of fear that hinder your growth and limit your abilities.

√ Find potential within yourself and Stay focused on obtaining the goals you are striving for.

√ Discover your Passion in life and use the gifts you were given at birth in ways that will bring superior accomplishments into your life.

√ All this and so much more.
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